japanese bridge

Tourist at the Japanese Bridge, Hoi An, Vietnam.

lamp light

Lamps for sale in Hoi An, Vietnam.

tokyo crosswalk

Just got back from Japan - a night time scene crossing the road in Tokyo.


Another shot from Bangkok last year - one of the more tranquil spots.

busy bangkok

A shot from last year in Bangkok - a nice place but not my kind of city - stayed there for a couple of days and moved onto other parts of Thailand I enjoyed much more.

girl on a bike

As seen in Thailand last year


A photo from a few weeks ago - the back of McMaster Hospital

shenzhen subway

Shenzhen Metro has to be one of the best subway systems in the world, with eight lines, 166 stations, and 286 kilometres of track, trains every few minites, and fairs are so cheap. Makes me a little embarrassed about Toronto!