work in progress

Working on "three brothers at Christmas" posed a few days ago.

tall houses

I am not sure what these are - they look like tall houses - I will ask him next time I call on FaceTime.

the three brothers at christmas

the planning stage

This is a painting planning stage - the scene looks like DD with his two younger brothers - and a big Christmas present they might be dreaming of!
I always wanted to be an artist - but maybe my grandson DD will live that dream - over the next few days I will post some of his work. He is 5, he only recently started art classes, and already I like his work.

children of the revolution

A white supremacist group came to campus with posters spreading hate, so we made our own posters and said "no" to hate.

old church

I know it is more than an "old church," it is actually a very historic place where some significant things happened. But I found it hard (but not impossible) to get back that history. Indeed, people in power trod down a poor carpenter and a few down here fishermen down in this place, and now people in power plant a great building here that they fill with pomp and circumstance. To me it seems that it kind of misses the Pont of what occurred. Never-the-less, it was an interesting building.