sunday of palms

I know it is not Palm Sunday," it is not even a Sunday, but seems that when you come into Barcelona's Sagrada Família by this entrance it seems that every say is Palm Sunday. That Gaudi fellow is quite clever - those only art on the floor - I found standing at the gates of this Jeruselem profoundly moving. 


I am not sure where I took this picture - it was somewhere this summer - if it were not for the photo it may have been a dream... It may have been the Alps, but which ones I am unsure.

sagrada família and sky

Looking up at Sagrada Família in Barcelona.

believing thomas

As seen in the Uffizi Museum. A painting by Caravaggio of "The Incredulity of Saint Thomas" - or in other words "Doubting Thomas." But I prefer my title better because clearly Thomas is in the process of believing.


I think it is still raining in Hallstatt.
As seen this summer..

sagrada família

Outside Sagrada Família in Barcelona. As seen this summer. 

the beach

I visited the Uffizi in the summer - spent an entire day inside and when exiting at closing time I realized I had somehow missed The Birth Of Venus. I explained this to the guard at the door and of course even though they were locking the building up he let me go back to see her.

I ran all the way up the stairs, along the halls, and to the gallery where I knew she could be found. When I got there we were alone - just Venus and me - and the beach.

I have seen many classical Greco-Roman depictions of Venus, or Aphrodite as the Greeks called her, but this renaissance depiction eclipsed all of those for me. I could only stay a moment, I could hear the guards ensuring the visitor had gone, so I took this picture left. But I will be back...

wet ride

As seen in Hallstatt, Austria this summer... Did I say "summer"?

dark moment

As seen in Hallstatt, Austria..

I like visiting churches - this one was unusually busy for a weekday - maybe because it was raining outside.

hamilton beach

Hamilton Beach - I thought it was going to rain but never did.

hamilton tree episode 12

The Hamilton Tree on a perfect Friday afternoon. 

the wedding

So I did not take this photo but I was there! J&Ms wedding. The wedding was in Crete and this photoshoot in Santorini a few days after.