Last of my Golan Heights photos for now, old defences at an intersection close to the border.

make-shift war memorial

A hastily made war memorial close to the Valley of Tears.


A old bunker in the Golan Heights.

inside destruction

Inside the mosque shown in yesterday's photo.

abandoned mosque

On route to the border I came across this mosque showing signs of bullet and shell damage - always sad to see the destruction of war - on both sides.

abandoned jeep

An abandoned jeep in the Golan Heights.

yom kippur war

Another take on a shot from a few days back - maybe from the Yom Kippur war - or one of the many other wars fought over this land.

abandoned tank

An abandoned tank in the Golan Heights -at least I think it was abandoned - did not stop to find out!

truck in minefield

The picture taken in yesterdays shot; a truck abandoned in a minefield.


The things we do for photography!

danger mines

There are lots of minefields in the Golan Heights left over from the many wars. This was taken driving up to the Syrian border. I drove up to the point shown on the map below, I did not take pictures in that region though as things are pretty volatile with a Syrian military build up on the other side of the border and ISIS attacks on UN troops in the area. My travel interest is not the current conflict, but exploring the older history of this region up to the Yom Yippur War.

golan heights

An afternoon drive through the Golan Heights up to the border.

trouble at damascus gate

Just over a week ago in Jerusalem's Old City I was walking to the Damascus Gate when there was trouble the other side; in the initial incident one person was shot dead and three police officers injured. Apparently this was followed by a riot or crowd issue, you can hear what sounds to me like a Kinetic or CS Gas round being fired on the other side of the gate in the video.

crossing the negev

Crossing the Negev last week, will post some photos soon.