old church

I know it is more than an "old church," it is actually a very historic place where some significant things happened. But I found it hard (but not impossible) to get back that history. Indeed, people in power trod down a poor carpenter and a few down here fishermen down in this place, and now people in power plant a great building here that they fill with pomp and circumstance. To me it seems that it kind of misses the Pont of what occurred. Never-the-less, it was an interesting building.

western wall

As seen in Jerusalem one-year ago today.

old city selfie

A selfie in the Old City of Jerusalem

mil mi-8 hip

As seen on the fuselage of an abandoned Soviet helicopter.

tank graveyard

The remains of a Soviet battle tank and other equipment left over the old wars in Cambodia.


My dad on his Triumph Thunderbird 6T long before I was born

community corner

I have known the people who run this corner shop for 8-years, when I am in Shenzhen I always hang out here with them.

the singer

Some more pictures from CNY 2016

forest trail

As seen at Bronte Creek

abandoned jeep

An abandoned jeep - as seen in the Golan Heights last year.