a physique like samson

This is a photo of me as a construction worker--I had a physique like Samson from the bible--I was skinny.

I never realized that Samson was skinny until two events occurred, the first happened one dark night in Epping, the next when I listened to a sermon by my friend Colin Gibson. Let me explain...

In the 1970s I helped Counties Evangelists Geoff and Isobel Carr as they traveled around Essex running programs from huge Marquee tent. We took turns staying overnight on site for tent security. One dark rainy night in a lonely field on the outskirts of Epping it was my turn.

Just after midnight I was dozing off all alone in Geoff & Isobel's caravan, when I heard a noise from outside. I looked out of the window and about a dozen members of a biker gang were trying to let the tent down! I burst out of the caravan door and charged across the field shouting, "Hey you lot that's enough of that!”

The bikers ran in fear, but weighed down by heavy damp leathers and chains, they clanked awkwardly through the muddy field, they looked like Orcs scrambling back to Mordor in a Tolkien novel. I on the other hand, in pajamas and bare feet, flew rapidly across the ground. I quickly closed the gap and I was about to move in on them, when I began to wonder what was going to happen when I actually caught them. I held back, they clambered on their bikes, and roared off in a plume of oily exhaust.

I could never figure out why an entire biker gang ran from a skinny builder in pajamas. I found the answer years later in a sermon given by Colin Gibson at Tower Hamlets Mission during the 1980s; it was because I was like Samson!

Colin said that we always imagine Samson being huge, looking like the Incredible Hulk, with bulging biceps and forearms as thick as trees. This is the way the story of Samson's incredible strength makes sense right? Well no, not according to Colin.

Citing David Pawson, Colin explained that the Bible tells us that back in Samson's day, people wanted to find out the “secret” of his incredible strength. So if Samson had looked like the Hulk, there would have been no secret, because his strength would have obviously been in his size and muscles! People could not figure out Samson's strength because he was skinny! The secret was that Samson's strength was not from muscle, it was from God.

So this was why the bikers had ran from me, not because I was like the Hulk, but because I was skinny just like Sampson! It was God's strength they ran from, and probably God's strength that also protected me in my rather foolish decision to chase down a biker gang in my pajamas!

Stories of the Epping encounter story still circulates in churches. I visited a church years later and overheard someone retelling the story. “What the biker gang did not know,” the person telling the take said, “is that hidden in the caravan guarding the tent was a huge construction worker with bulging biceps and forearms as thick as trees, so when the construction worker burst from the caravan door growling, the bikers ran in fear of their lives!”

Amused, I walked over to those enjoying the story and said, “That was me! I am that construction worker!” The group looked at my geeky appearance and skinny frame in disbelief. “No really it was me!” I added. They glanced at each other bewildered!

"Oh I get it," I said, “You have never heard of Samson!"

Postscript: Now I am much older and a little wiser, I think I would have handled the entire biker situation differently. Rather than charge out on impulse, I would instead walk casually over and invite a conversation. After all that was the point of the tent; to engage conversation. Maybe back in my impulsive youth I was like Samson in more ways than one!

tom thompson

I took this picture one lazy summer on Tom Thompson Lake in Algonquin Park, Canada. And as a great Canadian once said:

"Travel a thousand miles by train and you are a brute; pedal five hundred on a bicycle and you remain basically a bourgeois; paddle a hundred in a canoe and you are already a child of nature." (from "an ascetic in a Canoe" by Pierre Elliot Trudeau - 1944)


Tea at an early evening meeting.


Chinese Army in the Forbidden City.

where in the world

tiananmen square

Government buildings in Tiananmen Square.

goodnight wanchai

I took this picture tonight - Wanchai, Hong Kong on a hot summer evening. Of all the cities I have been to in all the world, I like HK the best - goodnight Wanchai!

mong kok

In every direction as far as I could see people bathed in neon light shopped as the hot tropical air hummed with the melody of a million voices softy speaking Cantonese. What an amazing place - Mong Kok Market!


A door in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China.

almost forbidden

Trees just outside the walls of the Forbidden City, Beijing.

sanpan abadeen harbour

A sampan at ramming speed in Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Harbour.

up the yangtze

I took this in the summer flying into Shanghai. The picture below is either the Yangtze or the Huang-pu River or maybe another reiver. If anyone knows the name of the river let me know.

wangfujing puzzle

I was walking along Wangfujing Dajie in Beijing, and noticed a crowd. Pushing through I saw, a man sitting in a director’s chair, lots of lights, and photographers taking pictures of this girl. So of course I got my camera and took a snap. Is she a movie star? Perhaps a supermodel? Or maybe just and a every-day Beijing girl who is wondering why everyone is taking her picture!

old guard

I just loved the colours in this shot - I took it on a hot summer day walking the Great Wall of China not far from Beijing.

tudor england

This is a genuine Tudor building - which makes it around 500 years old.

tudor window

This building in England is over 500 years old - imagine the changes that have been seen through this window!

english pub

A pub in an English village - I was not outside for long!


This is an English Coachhouse. The stage coaches would enter through the arch and travelers would stay in the Inn where they would be safe from highway men like Dick Turpin, or so they hoped!

boat at harwich

My mom took me to Harwich for lunch at the Hotel opposite the Lifeboat Station. I, of course, took photos of boats!

granada: falling under your spell

I took this picture in July 2000 of a fountain in the fortress of Alhambra, in Granada, Spain. The word Alhambra means "red or crimson castle" and the place is a red and sandy colour. But at night, and even in the shade of the trees, it looks gold to me. Fountains have some special significance for the Muslims who built the place, I am not what what that is, but htey really do look nice!

alhambran courtyard

A scan from a picture. I took this in the fortress of Alhambra built high on the hill of La Sabica in Granada, Andalucia, a place of kings and queens. Here at night the walls turn silver in the starlight and in day they turn gold in the sun.

The architectural styles in Alhambra vary; this reminds me of Rome. I sat in this courtyard for ages trying to imagine the history and wondering who built this part, perhaps my time would have been better used if I had brought a guidebook and then I could have known rather than wondered!

where in the world

cold mountain

I don't remember exactly where this mountain was, other than it was in the Pyrenees, I had been walking for ages, and a storm was moving in. But I do remember how cold it was - brrrrr - shiver! Oh and notice how clean my boots are; my old marine sergeant would be proud! Hmm, well maybe not, I was actually lost when this picture was taken, but I won't tell him if you don't.

sierra nevada village

This is scanned from my original print and the quality is poor, but I like the arches so I posted it anyway. There are lots of villages like this one in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Southern Spain. I stopped the car briefly to take this picture; and yes traffic runs both ways up and down this main street!


I took this picture ages ago, back when we used to sing...Kodachrome, they give us those nice bright colours
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah
I got a Nikon camera, I love to take the photographs
So Mama don't take my Kodachrome away
Mama take my kodachrome
Mama take my kodachrome
Mama take my kodachrome away
Well anyway, for what it is worth, this was the insparation for this blog..

let the blog begin

This site began on blogger where it was called "mykodachrome," it then moved to to a free server where I began using pixelpost and I called the site 'r e s o l u t I o n.' When the free server became unavailable I decided to buy space and a domain name so I moved here and reverted back to the name 'mykodachrome' and backdated the postings. Now I have moved it all to blogger. I hope you enjoy.