granada: falling under your spell

I took this picture in July 2000 of a fountain in the fortress of Alhambra, in Granada, Spain. The word Alhambra means "red or crimson castle" and the place is a red and sandy colour. But at night, and even in the shade of the trees, it looks gold to me. Fountains have some special significance for the Muslims who built the place, I am not what what that is, but htey really do look nice!

alhambran courtyard

A scan from a picture. I took this in the fortress of Alhambra built high on the hill of La Sabica in Granada, Andalucia, a place of kings and queens. Here at night the walls turn silver in the starlight and in day they turn gold in the sun.

The architectural styles in Alhambra vary; this reminds me of Rome. I sat in this courtyard for ages trying to imagine the history and wondering who built this part, perhaps my time would have been better used if I had brought a guidebook and then I could have known rather than wondered!

where in the world

cold mountain

I don't remember exactly where this mountain was, other than it was in the Pyrenees, I had been walking for ages, and a storm was moving in. But I do remember how cold it was - brrrrr - shiver! Oh and notice how clean my boots are; my old marine sergeant would be proud! Hmm, well maybe not, I was actually lost when this picture was taken, but I won't tell him if you don't.

sierra nevada village

This is scanned from my original print and the quality is poor, but I like the arches so I posted it anyway. There are lots of villages like this one in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Southern Spain. I stopped the car briefly to take this picture; and yes traffic runs both ways up and down this main street!