sanpan abadeen harbour

A sampan at ramming speed in Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Harbour.

up the yangtze

I took this in the summer flying into Shanghai. The picture below is either the Yangtze or the Huang-pu River or maybe another reiver. If anyone knows the name of the river let me know.

wangfujing puzzle

I was walking along Wangfujing Dajie in Beijing, and noticed a crowd. Pushing through I saw, a man sitting in a director’s chair, lots of lights, and photographers taking pictures of this girl. So of course I got my camera and took a snap. Is she a movie star? Perhaps a supermodel? Or maybe just and a every-day Beijing girl who is wondering why everyone is taking her picture!

old guard

I just loved the colours in this shot - I took it on a hot summer day walking the Great Wall of China not far from Beijing.