laid up

Algocape, laid-up for winter in Hamilton.

ancient male preoccupation

For the sake of modesty I cropped the lower half of this picture off! There were four of these naked guys in the Louvre, each fifteen feet tall and each gazing down and contemplating his navel, or something like that!

for you

Flowers in January at 'Just Roses' next to St. Lawrence Market, Toronto.

i can fly

When I was younger,
so much younger than today,
I could fly!

Well not really, but I could leap
over mountains and tall buildings!

In the picture, taken on coast of
Spain North of Barcelona, I had
just jumped from the rock where
the picture is being taken, skipped
off the in-between rock you see
in the foreground, spun in the air
and landed backwards facing the
camera on the rock where you see
me standing.

Behind me is a drop of about 900 feet.

Impressed? I' not!
What a twit!
Honestly it is a wonder I am still here

child of nature

I took this picture one lazy summer on Tom Thompson Lake in Algonquin Park, Canada. And as a great Canadian once said:
"Travel a thousand miles by train and you are a brute; pedal five hundred on a bicycle and you remain basically a bourgeois; paddle a hundred in a canoe and you are already a child of nature." (from "an ascetic in a Canoe" by Pierre Elliot Trudeau - 1944)

alien invasion

A few years back I took a short cut when hiking along the Canadian Bruce Trail and wandered from the trees into an alien landscape. Nothing was growing and parts of the ground were still smoldering as if scorched by rocket engines. In the distance I heard strange unearthly noises. Moving silently and unseen in the gullies, I made toward the sound. As I drew closer, I found the shattered remains of a ray gun in the dirt and large footprints that could only have been made by an extraterrestrial. It was clear to me that the Earth was being invaded.

I followed the footprints until only one hill separated me from the invaders. On the other side I heard heavy equipment being unloaded and the hum of the mothership's engines. Unarmed I knew that once I had laid sight on them they would likely try to kill me, so I would have to defend myself, and my planet, with my bare hands.

Carefully I looked over the hill, and found a Hollywood crew making a science fiction movie! Not long after, Homer Simpson had a similar experience.

sleepy library

I love this room; the library in Hart House at the University of Toronto. Completing my PhD, I spent ages sitting on that window seat with my laptop, and an equal amount of time sleeping on that sofa! I still go there when I have a day to spare, to read or just relax, or sometimes to take a nap! I took this picture Christmas 2004

sword hand

A friend of mine said that in medieval castles spiral staircases ascend clockwise to make it difficult for those attacking. Most people are right handed and imagine fighting your way up spiral stairs with your sword toward the center of the spiral – not easy. The defender looking down, on the other hand, can hide behind the center point leaving only their sword arm visible as they fight.

Well to test the theory I took this photo. Do you see anyone coming up the stairs attacking? Of course not, because they are not silly enough to try. Point proven!

absent friends

Two years ago today a British newspaper reported that airport worker, Bob Longhorn, was struck and killed by speeding car as he walked home along an English country lane. A week later a Bugler played as Bob was laid to rest with a Green Beret placed on his casket. Bob was one of the very few who earned the right to wear that beret - Bob was a Royal Marine Commando and a friend.

(from left to right: Bob Longhorn Richard Coulter Ian Beckett)

I did basic training with Bob at Royal Marines Depot at Deal and moved onto Commando Training School with him at Lympstone. Other members who are absent from the parade are Richard Coulter and Ian Beckett. Today, and each year on this day, I raise a glass to Bob, Richard and Ian--and then another glass to the rest of my old oppos wherever they are now! Check out the basic training video below:


I know it looks like Hogwarts, but it is not, it is just an empty hall at UofT. No magic here I am afraid, but then again...