tropical storm

I took this shot of a couple of years ago - it is a tropical storm on an island called Leguan located on the Essequibo River River in Guyana, South America. The Essequibo is the largest river between the Orinoco and Amazon and flows from the Acarai Mountains near the Brazil-Guyana border. Taken with a wet Olympus OM1 on Fugichrome.

gathering storm

Storm clouds gathering over the Essex coast in England.

monday magic

Every Monday the noticeboard in UofT's Robart's library looks like this; only the remnants of last week's posters and signs remain. The strange thing is that nobody, in the entire history of the library, has ever seen anyone take the notices down. At first the library administration tried to stop it and even set up surveillance cameras, but unable to find who was clearing the board they eventually resorted to putting a warning above it.


Canadian Navigator from astern.

frozen navigator

Canadian Navigator laid up in ice for the winter in Hamilton, Ontario.