sunset ride

Hit the trails last night at sunset.

growing up

The Robin nesting outside my front door laid three eggs all of which hatched but only two of her young survived. At the moment these young are going through rapid growth; the picture on the right was taken today and the one on the left three days ago. Soon they will be ready to fly away — I will miss this small family on my doorstep.


crack in everything

When I took this picture a friend quoting Leonard Cohen said, "There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in." I never heard that before, but it makes sense.

no parking

I am not sure why anyone would want to park up there anyway!

say no to bacon

As I have said before I have no problem eating meat, but when I asked this pig if he wanted to become bacon this was the reply!

looking for clarity

The shot of the pigs below is with a cheap point-and-shoot, while this one is with the Nikon d70s.I think this one has better clarity, maybe.. yet is worth the difference in cost?

hello again

We went for a ride along the trails again today and dropped in to see the pigs who now have got to know me on a first name basis.

mind your own business

A man minding his business at Starbucks in Chapters.

nikon d70s

I gave up film a long time ago so my SLR, a Nikon F80, has been in my camera bag for 2 years while I have been using a digital point-and-shoot. Tonight, after much deliberation, I decided trade in my F80 for a brand new digital SLR, a Nikon D70s. I was unhappy on the way to the camera store because the price they were giving me for my beloved F80 was not so good and I knew they would make quite a profit on it at my expense - plus I was spending so much on the D70s - so was I doing the right thing?

On route I called a friend from church and coincidentally at that very moment he was heading out to meet a buddy for coffee at Chapters right next to the camera shop. I agreed to have a coffee with them before I brought the new camera. Over coffee my friend from church took a look at my F80 and decided to buy it rather than have me trade it in. Knowing the F80 is going to a good home made it far easier to part with it. So then my friend and his buddy both came over to the camera store to give me the emotional support I needed in buying a new camera.

I then drove home and unboxed it - wow what a camera! But then I had to wait two hours for the battery to charge before I could take my first picture and here it is! Oh and yes I know that I should have set the white balance to incandescent before I took this indoor shot, but I have not got to that page in the instruction manual yet.

goodbye salty

There is something about saying goodbye to a salty (ocean going ship). I wonder where she is going? She seems high in the water though - I suspect she will be loaded before she heads out to sea.

where is jason when you need him?

I was exploring an old church in England with my mom and we found this piano in a dark corner. A Steinway with real ivory keys! I played a few chords and the church resonated with sound. I said to my mom, 'I wish Jason was here to play it.' My mom, who met Jason on her last visit to Canada, agreed.

princess point

I see Princess Point from the highway as I drive into work and some days before the wind is up the trees reflect perfectly in the lakes stillness. This morning was such a day and so I made a detour to take this photo.


The whole family took to the trails last night! This is where we parked the bikes when we were looking at the farm animals - they were all still up at 10pm. I suspect they will sleep in tomorrow because it is Sunday.

let sleeping pigs lie

The Bronte Creek trails go past a farm and when I go through, at dusk, the pigs are already asleep. It is nice how they snuggle up to each other—shame they eventually become bacon!

bronte creek

So last night I did not get out on the trails, so I had to settle for looking at a picture of them from the night before.

close to home

Houses in Hamilton close to a factory.


I like the colours of this building.

no cycling

No cycling for me this week - I am on another research trip. This time neither the hotel or the food is so good and today I was too busy to even take a photo for the blog. So this is a picture from two weeks ago.