toronto ally

A Toronto alley on a hot summer evening walk from Front Street to to Dundas Square.

le restaurant

C'est le restaurant où j'ai eu de dîner mercredi soirée. Le cuisine français ici était si bon que je doive employer des mots français pour le décrire. Je sais que mes qualifications françaises ne sont pas aussi bonnes, mais ce n'est aucune réflexion sur la nourriture!

fashon statement

two headed duck salesman

This guy tried to sell me a two headed duck today in Toronto - very odd!

morning papers

University of Toronto Hart House Restaurant - a good place to sit and catch up with the news.

seely hall

Seeley Hall is a part of the main Trinity College building in Toronto.


Taken tonight on the cycle trails along the Burlington-Oakville boarder.


I ride this trail almost every evening and you can see how the forest changes by comparing tonight's picture with the same picture taken in May.

riding on the moon

Sting said, 'Giant steps are what you take walking on the moon.' That is unless you are riding a bicycle.

old school

This is the entrance stairway at my old school - the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto. I took this today when attending a meeting to explore the possibility of a multi-university multi-child welfare agency research project.


Univertsity of Toronto - cant remember exactly where though - maybe Hart House.

looking for a home

This is the baby Muscovy duck who showed up a few weeks back looking for a home. At the moment he lives in my backyard. The last duck to live in my yard was a Peking duck. I think it is against municipal by-laws for him to be here, but ducks are notorious for disregarding the law.

divine doors

Doors to the Divinity School at McMaster University.


I title this picture 'painter' mostly because the rope at the bow of a boat is called a 'painter,' but also because the blue water looks like a painting. This was taken at Meaford Town Dock.

persian donuts

There is a donut called a "Persian" that is only made in Thunder Bay. I never got to try one before but when I caught my flight airport staff were selling them with all the proceeds going to charity - so I ate lots - because it was in a good cause!

north shore

Coming home from Thunder Bay I was trying to get a picture of the North Shore - this is the best I could do.

honey grilled trout

Honey grilled trout: Whole rainbow trout rubbed with roasted garlic and local whiteflower honey stuffed with caramelized vidalia onions served with steamed viking potatoes. Just in case you are wondering - this is not a really expensive restaurant - but I must admit to eat here I do have to subsidise my fixed meal allowance from my own pocket money. But it is worth it!

tangy fennel slaw

Tangy fennel slaw: Shaved fennel, carrots, onions, zucchini and cranberries tossed in a black pepper, lime abd balsamic vineger dressing served in a tomato bowl.

goat cheese truffle

Goat cheese truffle on toast - yumee!

looking for a home

This guy showed up today looking for a home.