storm in monochrome

Lake Ontario from Burlington with a gathering storm.


Flippers that match my submarine.

pinot noir

Grapes at Inniskillin Vineyard.

green canopy

Looking up at trees close to Rice Lake.

blue and green

Rocks in Lake Ontario off Spencer Park, Burlington, Ontario.


So today my mom came for a visit - brilliant!


A seagull over Georgian Bay.

the great escape

In the night the pen that protects Sangaha (the duck) along with Frisbee and Tikka (Silky Bantam Chickens) was broken open by a raccoon. In the morning it was clear from the remains that Frisbee and Tikka had not survived, but there was no sign of Sangaha. An e-mail to a farmer friend confirmed that raccoons often leave no remains and at only 10 weeks old Sangaha was not grown enough to fly and was undoubtedly eaten!

In the evening, after a long sad day, there was commotion outside. Neighbors were cheering as Sangaha was walking home down the middle of the road! One of the neighbors said that he had seen a duck (who he now understood was Sangaha), flying low over the fences and off into the distance last night. This unauthorized flight undoubtedly saved Sangaha's life!