Checking the time at University Hall, McMaster.

corner tower

Another shot of the Great Wall.

great wall of china

I took this picture last year. This is a part of the Badaling section of the Great Wall close to the Juyongguan Pass and about 60km north of Beijing. Truly an amazing place to visit!

john and catherine

John and Catherine go their seperate ways in Hamilton over street art.


startrek bbq

Yesterday Daniel held a BBQ as a house warming party. His BBQ was like nothing I had ever seen before and it literally did warm the house! Honestly, the last time I saw an array like this Lieutenant Commander Worf was at the controls trying to get a lock on a Romulan Warbird that had just decloaked next to the neutral zone!

hot wheels

I took this earlier in the summer - this car was hot! Not to mention it being my favorite colour too!

third floor

An elevator panel - sometimes I will take pictures of anything!

inside discovery

The inside of the Centre is just as impressive. As I mentioned before though, it is not the building but what will go on here that is truly impressive - 250 scientists working collaboratively to find cures for life-threatening and disabling diseases and that has to be good! It would be nice to find similar funding to support a parallel program in social work and social science with 250 researchers and policy analysts working collaboratively to find cures for our most disabling social ills - imagine that!

outside discovery

Today the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Learning and Discovery officially opened, this is the same crystal-like building that I photographed a few nights ago (see archive). I could not go to the formal opening but I dropped by in the evening to take a look (and of course take some photos). I am impressed, but one would expect to be impressed with a $71-million building! Perhaps more impressive is the research that will take place here - an estimated 250 scientists will work collaboratively to undertake, 'advanced gene-based therapeutics research into treatments for breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, West Nile, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, SARS, and other life-threatening and disabling diseases.' The Centre has committed itself to shortening 'the timeline between laboratory research and patient medicines and treatment' and that can't be a bad thing as it will undoubtedly benifit the lives of many.

ivy and sky

Ivy on the tower of McMaster Convocation Hall.

midnight oil

Tonight at McMaster Mills Memorial Library.


A Morgan at todays British Car Show in Bronte Creek.

the peak

Presenting last year at HuSITA7 (The 7th International Conference of. Human Services Information Technology Applications) in Hong Kong, I managed to do a little sight-seeing. One of the best ways to appreciate Hong Kong is from 'the peak.' At an elevation of 396 meters the peak looks down on the Hong Kong and Kowloon skylines and also Victoria Harbour. As you can see when I visited (a year ago) it was a rainy overcast day, but even so it made for a great photo!

jolly nice day

Even as an undergrad I always carried a camera. One day I showed up at University to find the entrance blocked by a crowd. Irritated, I pushed my way through and bumped into a guy getting out of a limousine and shaking hands with our university president. I grabbed my camera and took this picture.

As he walked toward the entrance burly men pushed back the crowd and I realized this was my opportunity to get in the building and to the library where I needed to revise for exams. As soon as we were in the entrance it dawned on me that perhaps this fellow was going somewhere more interesting than the library so I tagged along.

As I followed into a reception hall I was handed a glass of exceptionally good sherry by a man who said, 'jolly nice day isn't it.' I smiled and agreed. I was treated to really really nice salmon and cucumber sandwiches, all sorts of delightful cakes and of course several more glasses of sherry - this truly was 'jolly good day.' The only people who did not seem jolly were the burly men who I noticed were carrying guns under their jackets and were looking oddly at my faded blue jeans and running shoes, which I must admit were a little out of place. Sipping just one more sherry, and stuffing a few of the last sandwiches in my empty undergrad pockets, I decided it was time to leave.

where in the world


It seems like an age ago that I took this picture, back when with the beginning of summer dandelions lifted their faces to welcome the sun. Now with the colder evenings and soon cooler days, that age and this summer are just about done.

hamilton at dusk

Hand held at 1/6 of a second (without a tripod) I was not sure this picture would come out. I was pleased when it did. When I took the shot I did not want the rocks in the foreground but I could not get into a better position and intended to crop them out. In the end I left the rocks in because they add to the composition and also because cropping them out (and enlarging the image) makes the sight camera shake more apparent. The picture is now one of my favorites because of the composition and the grayish colors that make the picture true to the way the scene looked and felt at the time.

where in the world

out to pasture

Another picture from earlier in the summer - a retired horse put out to pasture.

boa constrictor

This Boa Constrictor visited the annual street party where I live courtesy of a local pet store. The store must have selected the most well behaved Boa to bring because so many neighbors played with it and yet it did not attempt to strangle and eat a single one!


I think my nephew likes my digital camera better than I do, especially when he gets to see his picture as soon as it is taken.

jelous sky

A Burlington cornfield under what Sting might call a jealous sky.

ocean of dreams

Not really the ocean - just the view from Bronte Harbour - but that is good enough!

summer slips away

Summer slipping away at Lake Ontario on Labour Day weekend.