fraight train

I took this picture on the outskirts of Hamilton, in the background you can just see a part of the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King, a Hamilton landmark.

chilly orchard

This is the same orchard as Monday's shot except the snow is undisturbed and also the angle is different - as seen by the shadows. Also the colour balance was messed up so I tuned the image into monochrome. With snow it is difficult to get the colour and light right, at least for me it is.

cold st catherines

I had to go to a place called Fonthill near St Catherines - there were some good pictures on the way but most were to cold to get out of the veachle to take.

toronto in winter

The last of my Toronto in winter series for now, although there will be more to come because winter still has a long way to go!

cool bike

I took this on a snowy night just off Toronto's Yonge Street where people were doing Christmas shopping - some of them on their bikes!

hot dogs cold people

Downtown Toronto on a cold winter evening.

nathan phillips square

People ice skating at Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square. The square is located outside city Hall and named after Nathan Phillips's who was Mayor of Toronto from 1955 to 1962.


Still exploring Hamilton - I took these benieth Highway 403 this morning.

hamilton apartments

Continuing to explore Hamilton I came across these buildings that are characteristic of many backstreet scenes around town.

coca-cola quiz

I took this picture shopping in Zellers today. Can you spot which of these are Coca-Cola products? Do you know why you should not buy them? Do an internet search on "killer coke" for more information.

snow plough

This is not a great shot but under the circumstances - driving on the highway - it is not too bad. I was passing a snow plough and snapped this shot whizzing by without looking at what I was taking. The whole point about this shot though, is that winter really has arrived.

working lunch

I took this picture today while waiting for my friend Leeno to meet me for a working lunch at the Gown and Gavel. Leeno writes and also edits some really good books and over lunch we firmed up a plan to undertake a writing project together.

recent trail

Taken on a recent trail ride - maybe this weekend I will head back down there in the snow.

emergency services

I took this picture of one of the garage doors at the back of the Salvation Army building on Vine Street, Hamilton. There is an array of these doors along making the place look like a fire station, but instead of fire trucks there are vans ready to take out clothing and other supplies to the needy.

It is fitting that a place dealing with poverty looks like a fire station because poverty really is an emergency. Around the world 30,000 children die each day as a result of poverty. And poverty is not just an issue of far away places, in the Hamilton streets around this building almost 20,000 people live in poverty and this includes one quarter of the children in Hamilton! According to the Hamilton Social Planning and Research Council, from 1990 to 2000 the wealthiest 40% of the population experienced an increase in their average incomes, while the poorest 60% of Hamiltonians experienced an overall decrease in theirs. Well at least the doors at the Sally Ann tell the story - there is an emergency going on here.

hamilton ally

Hamilton is full of back alleys and other places that make great photo oppertunities - I like the lines and perspective these shots give.

looking for thomas

I was looking for Thomas the Tankengine when I came across this locomotive in a Hamilton siding.

gilmore hall

This entrance to McMaster University, Gilmore Hall is easy to find - it is next to the hotdog stand.