big pictures

Two of my pictures can be seen on a York Boulevard building in downtown Hamilton - directly across the street from Copps Coliseum - mine are the ones at each end. The photos were taken last year and since then Sharmeen (on the left) has graduated from Med School (congratulations) and Andrew continues to wonder what dreams to pursue in the future (dream big Andrew). I wish for them both, and for all who read this, hope, peace, love, joy and all kinds of other good things.

tom thompson filter

An Algonquin Park nightime shot with some Photoshop filter enhancements to show how it felt be there.

friday night live

Last night James and I went to the FRWY Coffee House in Hamilton to hear Jason Silver and his band play - of course I took my camera along.

tom thompson

One can see why Tom Thompson painted in Algonquin—the same reason I canoe here—it is an inspiring place! For those who do not know who Tom Thompson is check out the information provided by the McMichael Gallery.


This is Chili, the puppy who I babysat last weekend. Chili is a 'Goldendoodle,' which means he is a Golden Retriever-Poodle mix. He is such a nice and well behaved puppy that he can visit me anytime - even though he did have a little accident on the kitchen floor!

algonquin nights

Although this picture looks like day it is a long exposure shot of Tom Thompson Lake at night. The light on the distant shore is the fire of some other campers.

where in the world

millaa millaa falls

Millaa Millaa Falls in the "Tablelands" close to Cairns, Australia.

where in the world

michalmas cay reef

I am adding a ‘where in the world’ link to some pictures that shows where they were taken. This one was taken on Michaelmas Cay which is a part of the Great Barrier Reef. Click the link below and if this new feature works you will see a satellite image of the exact spot where this photo was taken - you should also be able to zoom in or out and pan the image!

where in the world


Happiness is a well loved dog at BBQ-time


This evening walking on a trail near some woods I met a cat who was looking for supper in the bushes. If I had to give the cat a name it would be Nimrod (the mighty hunter). We walked together for a while and I took pictures as the cat slinked along the roadside with eyes intent on finding prey.

rescued at sea

Not really a high seas drama - just an ordinary day of tubing on Rice Lake.

circle of life

This tree stump was close to where I camped last week at Algonquin’s Tom Thompson Lake. I enjoy exploring such places and find facinating ordinary things like this scene that show the circle of seasons and life in the forest.

where in the world

far from home

This time of year Algonquin is full of kids at summer camp most of whom can be seen carrying packs as large as themselves!

where in the world

cockatoo story part 4 of 4

Finding only just enough room to meet in the remaining trees the cockatoos do as they have always done and exchange stories about the daily comings and goings in the region. But no longer are there stories to tell about the Djabuganydji, Buluwanjdji or Yirrganydi people winding their way through the djumburru (walking trails) in the rain forest. The stores now are of strange peoples who cut down trees and turn forest into asphalt—today’s cockatoo chatter is full of worry about where they will meet and what they will do once the remaining trees are gone.

(The end - for now)

cockatoo story part 3 of 4

Just as in ancient times every evening as the sun sets thousands of cockatoos head toward their traditional meeting place... (to be continued)

cockatoo story part 2 of 4

As luck would have it the parking lot pavers temporarily spared a few tall trees so that they would have some shade as they worked. Noticing this the plaza architect decided that perhaps the shoppers and those having fast food in the newly constructed McDonald’s might also like the shade these trees would afford their parked cars. The shopping center plans were quickly redrawn to leave a few trees undisturbed and inadvertently this parking lot pragmatism prolonged a tradition that began before recorded time... (to be continued)

cockatoo story part 1 of 4

Not so long ago in Australia at a place now known as Cairns this newly asphalted supermarket parking lot was deep rainforest. Here every evening at sunset cockatoos from all over the region would gather to talk. Perched high in the trees they would exchange stories about the daily comings and goings of the Djabuganydji peoples in the north, the Buluwanjdji from across the bunda (mountains) and the local Yirrganydi. Those evening cockatoo conventions might have been long forgotten is it was not for a stroke of luck... (to be continued)

the waiting canoes

Canoes waiting to be rented at the Portage Store in Algonquin Park.


Daniel and Anika's new puppy called Chili - he is so nice that I almost want to get a puppy too!

the curious moose

A moose I came across on route to Tom Thompson Lake. Note the nasty injury to the inside of the back leg.

three palms

Trees by a railway track in Cairns, Australia

snapping turtle

ET turned out to be a Snapping Turtle who wanted to share lunch! 'ET' became friendly and ate from our hands coming out of the lake to do so. The next day he waited by our camp for breakfast and when we left he tried to follow the canoes. His favorite food seemed to be rice (Uncle Ben's), he did not like tomatoes but loved carrots and also liked bread. I had a feeling that he might also be partial to fingers too but luckily he did not get any


I just got back from Algonquin where I met a creature who I initially I thought was ET! (cont...)


We are all controlled by numbers - even hydro poles!

oil drums

Oil drums - better when played.

trail marker

Walking deep in the woods I found some feathers and used them to mark the trail so I could find my way back.

canada day

For me captures the spirit of Canada Day holiday weekend with people dashing into summer intent on enjoying every last bit of it before winter returns. The shot was 'panned' which means it was taken at a slow shutter speed constantly turning the camera (panning) so that it remains targeted on the moving subject and thereby blurs the background. I hope you enjoy the picture - and summer!