marine unit

The Halton-Hamilton Marine Unit boat going somewhere in a hurry. I have mixed feelings about this shot - to make the photo viable I had to do photo shopping to darken some areas and I am still not sure if I like the final result. I would be keen to hear your opinion so if you have time leave a comment. And be honest - I can take it - I think!

polluted ocean

This is Hamilton Harbour which leads off of Lake Ontario via the Burlington Canal — the Canal is where I took this photo from. The harbour looks good but because of the pollution it is best not to swim here, it is far better to swim at Burlington Beach where I took yesterdays shot.

fresh water ocean

Well not really an ocean - Lake Ontario from the Burlington Beaches.

ocean grey

Another ocean shot - this time taken on a grey morning at more or less the point where the English Channel meets the North Sea. Both pictures were taken with my old Canon A80 point and shoot - not as fancy as the Nikon but it takes a great picture.

Oh and the poster design - just trying something new.


Taken some time ago when exploring Hamilton's industrial areas.

ccgv griffon

I was in Toronto today for a meeting about social policy but I made sure I was in the city extra early so I could take some photos before the meeting began. This is a picture of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon that was docked in Toronto.

true story

A cow came up to me, looked at my camera, and asked, ‘Is that a Nikon D70s?’

‘Yes,’ I replied.

‘You are out of date’ the cow retorted, ‘they have just come out with a D80.’

‘I know,’ I mumbled gloomily. ‘I only brought my D70s 18 months ago and I am behind the times already.’

‘Such is life’ the cow said.

‘True,’ I reflected. ‘But can I take still your picture though?’

‘I suppose so the cow’ responded, ‘but only if you put it on your blog it tonight.’

I agreed – and honest this is a true story - here is the picture to prove it!

dry ice

James brought dry ice today and we had fun putting it in hot water to make smoke.

swan lake

Taking a boat tour of Hamilton Harbour I was approached by some swans and I was reminded of Von Rothbart’s sorcery. Could this be Odette, might she and the other swans have flown here from Prince Sigfried’s land? As the boat chugged away I waved goodbye and reminded myself to come back at night sometime to find out.

sea fever

I took this a couple of weeks ago on the Burlington Beaches

cow maybe

A picture of a cow I took on this evenings trail ride - or given the way it is a looking at me maybe it is a bull!

only in australia

An interesting phenomena - a drive through beer & liquor store!

overtaking speed

The same cycle race as yesterday, except instead of panning a slow shutter speed shot to keep the cyclist sharp while blurring the background, this time I kept the camera still to blur the cyclists while sharpening the background and foreground.

cycle race

When I was in Australia earlier this summer I came across a cycle race, so of course I took photos.

movies at mcmaster

The chap in yesterday's photo said I could go into the classroom and take pictures of people planning the scene - so of course I did - here is the result. This and my other pictures were taken without a flash so as not to be obtrusive. I also got chatting to the official set photographer; he had his camera in a large soundproof box so that he could silently take still shots while the crew were filming. He showed me some of his shots — amazing photographs — looking at them was a humbling experience!

movie making

Another photo from the movie ‘Robber Bride’ which is being shot partly at McMaster University. The chap in this picture gave me permission to take this and other pictures while he was giving instructions to the people in classroom about how the next scene was to be taken.

note to self

The next time you leave the office for the beach intent on reading books rather than swimming, remember to leave the flippers at home!

movie scene

I am not sure whether these are actors rehearsing a scene or standins setting the stage - either way it all looked rather intense. I was careful not to shoot photos while they were actually filming because I am sure that the crew would not have appreciated the click of my camera shutter on their soundtrack!


Parts of the movie 'Robber Bride' (based on the book by Margaret Atwood) are being filmed in the building where I work - Kenneth Taylor Hall at McMaster University. So of course I took photos, I began with some of the equipment the crew were using.


Disregarding the warning signs and public safety two of my relatives (distant relatives I should add) try to fire one of the big WWII guns on the Cairns promenade. I think this is a 155mm cannon but I am not sure because I did not check it out in detail - after taking this photo I put my fingers in my ears and closed my eyes just incase they succeeded - luckily they did not!

evening walk

James and I went for a summer evening walk and it was dark before we got home - which was good because it allowed me to try out my new Nikon SB-600 flash!

red, right, returning

Sunset at Meaford Harbour. Some trivia; note what appears to be a green light on the harbour wall. When exiting a harbour keep green lights on your right (starboard) and red lights on your left (port). Reverse the rule when coming back so that the red is on the right and the green is on the left. The way to remember the rule is to recite the rhyme, ‘red, right, returning.’

I hope you enjoy the sunset!

ferris wheel

Summer could not be complete without a carnival.

stop and go

In Australia I drove from Cairns to Port Douglas and it took forever because around every new bend in the road there was yet another empty beach like this and of course I just had to stop at each one to take photos!

where in the world

spilt coffee

A Tim Horton's coffee cup in downtown Hamilton.