aboriginal sounds

I took this picture in Australia, no not in the outback, but in Sydney at the harbour front. While there I brought this chap’s latest CD and he gave me permission to take photos while he was performing. Great sounds!

dancing in the street

I took this picture in Sydney, Australia, earlier this year where people really do dance in the street, a practice that everyone should try at least once in their life.

airport indigenous art

I took this shot of Indigenous art as I was traveling through Vancouver International Airport earlier this year.

green fields

At the start of summer I took this picture of farmland near Rice Lake - summer days always slip away too quickly for me - I console myself with the thought that they will be back again soon.

crikey bruce

Crikey Bruce—that's a lot of grass to mow!'

michaelmas cay

We have reached our destination, a small desert island. Can anyone guess which ocean this is? Oh and if you play the game and guess why not say which country you are from (if you like). And if you know where it is because you have been following my travels - it is okay you can still guess.

UPDATE: The location is 'Michaelmas Cay' which is a part of the Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea off the Queensland coast of Australia. where in the world

preparing the mainsail

One of the crew secures a line to a cleat in the process of preparing to reef the main. A reef is needed because of high winds - this means that not all of the sail will be hoisted and used.

captain jack

Our captain for the trip is shown here at the helm - he has a full Master's license which is just as well because these waters are riddled with reefs and later the wind will reach close to 30 knots! Now it is time to hoist the sails — are you ready to lend a hand?

lost shoreline

Welcome aboard - as you can see from my picture above it does not take long to leave the land behind. We are sailing on an 87 foot catamaran weighing 32 tons. At the moment she is motoring at about 14 knots on her twin Cummins 210 hp engines but later the engines will be turned off and it will be all up to the wind. With a mast as high as an eight story building and a main sail (the big sail at the back) of 1615 sq feet, a jib of 754 square feet, and a spinnaker of 2960 sq feet, when the wind blows this baby flys! Where are we going? Hang on and find out!

sail away

Are you ready to sail across that horizon to see what is there? If you are come on board and over the next few days I will post pictures of the trip. Leave a message letting me know if you are along for the ride


Today I stopped at a Hamilton beach café for lunch and they had a jukebox with real 45s and the track below was playing. Strange to hear those familiar sounds so far from home, sounds that I first heard long ago in England when the Beatles played this live on the rooftop of their Apple Studio. London’s traffic stood still, office workers hung out windows to watch, the police tried to shut it down and restore order and in the aftermath the media called the band irresponsible hoodlums and worse! While the adults fussed — all of us youngsters loved every minute of it — those were the days! But getting back to the Hamilton beach café, I ordered a coffee and sipped it as I reminisced looking out of the window across the empty lake.

asthmatic sky

I took this picture of the Hamilton Steelworks on my way home tonight. Except for contrast adjustments the photo is unaltered. If you think the sky looks menacing you are right, this kind of pollution kills about 5,900 Canadians every year! Don’t get me wrong, I am not against industry, I am against our current levels of pollution. Check out this link for details of the problem and some concrete solutions.

conspiracy theory

The other day I came across this piglet whispering to the others, could this be a conspiracy? Check the link and let me know what you think.

algonquin moose

Another picture of the moose I recently met in Algonquin Park.

mr bass

I am not sure who this guy is but he was playing a mean bass at today's Philpott Church BBQ.

start of summer

I took this walking through the University of Toronto campus at the start of summer - or maybe it was the summer before - how time flys!


Last week the McMaster University campus was so peaceful - and look at it today! This is frosh week, or to me and other folk who originate from the UK and can't get used to the Canadian language, it is "freshers week.

tribute to steve irwin

World renowned conservationist Steve Irwin, the 'crocodile hunter,' was killed today by a stingray while diving off Australia’s Queensland coast. I took this picture a couple of months ago when diving just a few miles from where Steve was killed and I post it as a tribute to him.

We will miss you Steve—you thrilled us as you educated us about widlife and conservation—the world is far sadder place with you gone. Rest in peace Steve—our thoughts are with your family.

swim area

Sometimes swimming in Lake Ontario is just like swimming in the ocean - with surf and all!

sydney international

Earlier in the summer I had a connecting flight in Sydney and the storm you can see in the background held up flights for several hours. A nice photo opportunity though.