sydney reflections

A shot from last year's trip to Australia.


I am still thinking of those Maui beaches, but not so much now the weather in Hamilton is warming up. Perhaps soon I will get out with my camera.


A donkey I met on a road in Maui

citroen 2cv

These cars are popular in England, and even more popular in France.

birthday boy

Today was my nephew's birthday party. I notice that each year he better handles the attention, the lights, the cameras and the required speech.

rainbow eucalyptus

Rainbow Eucalyptus trees in Maui

scent of spring

There was wind and rain today, but of a different kind than late. Today’s wind carried the sweet scent of spring and the rain a warmth that promised tomorrow’s summer. To greet the warmer weather I post a picture of summer daisies taken last year.

jamie oliver fan

I took this some time ago in England - my niece preparing supper.

happy birthday

Self portraits of my sister I from a recet trip to England - posted today because today is my sister's birthday!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear sister
Happy birthday to you

square rigger

A square rigger in Halifax Harbour.

volcano beach

Several miles beyond yesterday's bamboo forest I came each upon this beach with lots of volcanic debris

bamboo forest

I asked a person selling fresh fruit and beads by a Maui road where there were good local places to hike. She told me to drive five miles along the Highway until I came to a bridge, just beyond the bridge I would find a hole in the fence; I should climb through and follow the trail to a waterfall. I found the waterfall, but for me the best part of this adventure was the trails themselves — they led though miles of bamboo forest!


For you - of course!

a fisherman's story

I was walking along a Maui beach when I found a memorial stone benieth this tree for Russell Matsuo Nakahashi 1961-2005. The inscription says that Russell was a fisherman. I don’t know his story, but it must have been a story of love and either friends or family because the stone was covered with beads, fresh flowers and unopened bottles of beer. It is not just the sea and this lonely tree that remembers Nakahashi.

dickens' london

I took this last year on my trip to the UK on the steps of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Although London is a modern city, there are moments, like this one, when a scenes can take one right back to Dickens’ day.

chasing whales

One of the nicest things on Maui was sailing, here Daniel and I are heading out into the Pacific and once we were about a mile out Humpback Whales began to surface around us. Amazing!

snowy parking lot

It does not look like it here - but some of the snow is melting - summer is not far away!

hamilton beach

I am back in Hamilton – but expect more Maui pictures soon. In the mean time, the snowed-in pathway makes the Hamilton beach inaccessible.

hold on tight

I had some interesting moments windsurfing!


Windsurfing - the reason for my trip to Maui.

roadway to the sky

The road that leads to yesterday's volcano.


This is the top of a volcano in Maui – the elevation here is over 10,000 feet - a really exciting drive!


Well the travel agent at least got the part right about the accomadation being secluded and close to the beach - there is nothing for miles and right behind those trees is the Pacific Ocean!

place in the sun

Too much snow for me - time to take a break in the sun!