Senator William McMaster (1811-1887), founder of McMaster University.

This shot is taken with a D40x that I just brought. This is one of the few shots I am happy with from theD40x. In most shots the colour saturation is too high and the shadows are shallow. One can play with the settings on colour, contrast and hue but even so as yet I am not getting what I want from it - but I continue to try.

hamilton skyway

I am still experimenting with the Sigma super-wide-angle lens

algonquin bound

It will soon be the time of year again to walk around with canoes on our heads! Can't wait :-)

beach bums

I took this picture at the beach last summer but I have hesitated posting it until today because it is a bit cheeky! I hope you see the humor in it, and as the people in the photo cannot be identified, the humor is not at anyone’s expense. So please—enjoy!

anticipating spring

I took this a couple of days ago in Hamilton - trees anticipating spring - in a few weeks this scene will look very different.

sigma 10-20

You may have noticed from some of my recent posts that I have a super-wide angle—it is a Sigma 10-20—the same lens that I tried last year but returned because the images were soft. This Sigma is not quite as soft as the one I tried last year, but still the images are not as crisp and sharp as I would like. I recently tried the Nikkor 12-24, which was sharper, but the plus of the added sharpness was not worth the minus of it being not quite as wide as the Sigma (12mm as opposed to 10mm) and the very big minus of the Nikkor being twice the price of the Sigma! Or does it make it worth it? I am really not good at these types of decisions. What do you think?


The London Underground - a shot scanned from one of my old prints - I took this at Piccadilly Circus more years ago than I care to remember.

mcmaster stairway

I have not taken campus pictures for a while, so yesterday I wandered around taking a few photos, this is one of them


Another shot from yesterday’s in-line skate meet in Hamilton.

inline skating crew

The Hamilton Beach trail is made for inline skating — especially on a Spring Sunday like today!

hamilton go-train

The Hailton Go-Train heading toward Toronto.

hamilton lift bridge

Making way under the lift bridge that spans the Burlington Canal.

hamilton siding

Taken today in Hamilton docks.

rolling stock

Rolling stock in a Hamilton siding. Although I wonder if it should be called “stationary stock” in moments like this when it is not moving.

prayer times

I took this picture, with permission, of a prayer time notice at a Mosque I used to visit in London’s Brick Lane. Christianity and Islam share some scriptural books in common and as a Christian I wanted to understand the similarities in Christian and Islamic theology, so here at this Mosque I debated faith with Mullahs and I was truly blessed by the conversations and I gained a respect for Islam.

I am posting this picture today as an anti-racist statement, because this week at McMaster University, hateful anti-Islamic messages were spray painted on someone’s door. The police are investigating this crime and the University quickly responded, as it should, with an anti-racism rally.

Most people are outraged by this incident and cannot imagine the mentality that perpetrated it. Yet in some ways we are all implicated in this crime—the thing that gives such crimes a sting is that they compound and magnify the more subtle forms of social exclusion that operate in society—and we all have a responsibility to challenge that exclusion. McMaster University has been trying to challenge exclusion by consciously working toward the campus being truly inclusive community, but there is still a long way to go. Read HERE about how some other universities are begining to tackle the issues in an academic environment. Also read HERE for an article that examines the need for social workers to adopt a socially inclusive and anti-racist stance. Then figure out ways you can disrupt exclusion and also find ways you can make your environment more inclusive.


The stairway in "Vistek," a Toronto camera store.


Yesterday's photo reminded me of this picture I took on my street corner in London right here.

rusty sunlight

Driving home from an evening meeting I stopped to take a shot of the evening sunlight on these rusty corrugated sheets.

He has risen

Of all the Sundays in the year - Easter Sunday is my favorate - and nowadays you do not have to read the story you can listen. Notice how gender plays out in the story — often the women diciples of Jesus seemed to clue in quicker to what was going on than the men. This story is an example, the women’s testimony or the resurrection was initially disregarded as 'nonsense,' but later Jesus tells the men who did not take the testimony seriously that they were 'foolish' and 'slow of heart.' The guys got it in the end though - even I got it in the end - hence my delight in this day. Enjoy!

toronto grey

Yesterday in Toronto - cold and grey. The structure on the left is City Hall.

cool running

You may remember Chili. Well he has grown up to be quite trendy - check out the designer boots he was wearing today - he is really a cool dog!

winds of war

You have guessed it already of course; these are pictures of a movie set. Initially, however, I had no idea that it was a movie set, but when I got close enough to take these shots it all became evident. The movie was 'the winds of War' with Robert Mitchum - yes he is somewhere in that crowd – I saw him. I also saw the movie when it came out but I did not think it was that exciting, certainly not as exciting as that night when I thought bombs were landing on the docks across from my apartment!


I am sure you may be thinking that yesterday’s post and story was an April Fool’s joke, but not so, the photograph and story are genuine. But as you can see from today’s shot, which is of the scene up close, there is something a little odd happening. For instance the blown up car is very old and people in the foreground are wearing WWII uniforms. I will tell the final chapter of this story in tomorrow’s post, although I am sure that by now you are already figuring it out.


This was one of the most exciting photos I have taken – shot when I lived in London (England) on 35mm film and now scanned to post. I was just about to go to sleep at night when I heard a bomb explode followed by heavy machinegun fire. Turning out the lights then looking out of the window of my apartment I saw the Docks, which were just down the street, completely ablaze! Of course I grabbed my camera, took this shot from my window, and then ran down the street toward the explosions and gunfire to get some close ups! More pictures and the rest of the story to follow tomorrow!