harbour meeting

The griffon hovers off the starboard bow in a cloud of spray kicked up by the downdraft of the rotors. Police Marine Units and Military Search and Rescue Units don’t wait until there is an emergency to learn how to work together, they practice, and that is what is about to happen here.

As an aside — you will have noticed that my new Sigma 10-20mm is getting a lot of use. I had been anticipating getting a super wide-angle lens for ages - I tried the Sigma last year and also tried the Nikkor 12-24 a few months ago, but I returned both within days. What made me finally take the leap to go back and get the Sigma, was anticipating taking the shots on this boat - this assignment left me with no excuse - only a super wide angle would cut it. What I have found, however, is that the 10-20 is not only good for these shots, but also for almost all the shooting I do. I truly love this lens and wonder why I did not get and keep one of these a long time ago!

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