sunset patrol

I am starting a new idea called, “how would you have handled this shot.”

This is a photo of the Hamilton-Halton Police Marine Unit from the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge as the sun is going down. I am reasonably happy with the shot but I want it sharper. What would you have done?

My thinking was to push the ISO to 250 but not higher because I wanted no noise at all on the water. My D80 is better wth noise than my older D70s, so maybe I could have pushed it further, but still I do not trust the higher ISOs. I know though, that with a moving subject at 1/30 sec, the image sharpness will suffer and the f4.2 is not helping that either. Flash is an option but not an easy one at focal length of 11mm because the pop-up flash works at a minimum focal length of 18mm (so at 11mm I am going to get shadows). I suppose I could use my SB-600 Speedlight off camera with a diffuser but by the time I get it out of the bag and set the in-camera flash on commander mode the shot will be gone - and becides what I really like is the contarsting light on the water so I do not want to wash that out with flash.

So have fun with comments – suggest how you would you have handled this shot! And be critical and bold - I can take it - at least I think I can.

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