Inspired by my Nikon D80 not flinching recently after being sprayed with gallons of lake water kicked up by a rescue helicopter’s rotors, I decided to get in close to Webster’s Falls for a few shots—after all this misty spray was baby stuff after the helicopter.
Unfortunately, right after this shot several systems malfunctioned. I lost focus area selection control, image quality changed to RAW only, the function button became inoperative and auto-focus shut down. Luckily I could carry on shooting after switching to manual. As I continued to shoot I began to wonder whether the VISA Card purchase protection plan, which was still in effect for the new D80, covered customer stupidity.

But it is not customer stupid really, after all what use is a camera unless you can take it close into the action under any conditions? My hero, Robert Capa said, “If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough.” I still remember the days when I had a Nikon (an FE) made of metal and it would run on manual without a battery and it would go anywhere!

Anyway—when the D80 dried off all systems returned to normal but because of the systems failure I never did get as close as I wanted. I post this shot because although not great (some of the highlights blown out), it took quite some getting!

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