The billiards room at Hart House, University of Toronto.

fell from sky

I suspect that this driver accidentally backed it off the edge of a multi-story car park and crashed here on the ground. Lucky nobody was hurt because it landed in a busy place — right outside the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.

(Photo taken last year on my visit to Chicago)

square rig

This is the square rig sails of a brigantine I saw a few days ago – those who know me will understand why I had to take some pictures!

A brigantine has two masts with square rigged sails on the foremast and fore-and-aft rigged sails on the mizzen mast. The brigantine is sometimes confused with the “brig” but they are different because as well as a fore-and-aft sail on the mizzen a brig will also have at least one square rigged sail on that mast too.

Brigantines were once popular with pirates - but this one has a more peaceful purpose - it is the training ship S.T.V. Pathfinder.

I have never sailed a ship with a square rig—although my forefathers used to earn their living on them—one of these days I will sign up as crew and learn how. Expect pictures of course!

library staircase

The central staircase in Chicago's Dominican University.


Another view of yesterday's pirate ship.

pirates of hamilton

At Hamilton Harbour today there were pirates!


On recent travels I visited an old Ontario jail and of course I took my camera. This particular cell could not have been very nice to stay in - on account of the view.

home sweet home

Like yesterday’s shot this is a scan from a printed photo I took some time ago. This building was close to where I lived in London, it was derelict, but provided a home for many people who had nowhere else to stay.

money changers

This is one of the chapels in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England. I spent literally days wandering around in St. Paul’s when I was a child; it is where I learnt to appreciate architecture, understand history, and discover my roots and heritage. In my teens and early 20s I also regularly visited to sit peacefully beneath the great dome and ponder God, life, and what I was doing on this earth. At one time when I worked in construction not far from here I actually visited every day!

Given the importance of this building to me I visited in the late 1990’s on my fist trip back to England after immigrating to Canada. I was about to walk freely inside but a new thing happened—I was stopped at the door and asked to pay! I can’t remember the price—but I remember that it was exorbitant—the current price of admission (in 2007) is C$25.00. I was also told that photography was strictly prohibited! As you can see from the photo—I did not take too much notice of this rule!

When I returned to Canada I e-mailed and complained to the managers of St. Paul’s about the admission fees and told them that if fees had been in place when I was a child I could never have afforded to go in and be enriched by the place. They replied and explained that from the very early days after the cathedral was built by Wren they had a tradition of charging for admission—it seemed that when I was a child this was one of the rare periods when admission was free—they had no intention of going back to that!. I checked this history books and sure enough it was true—shortly after the cathedral was built the rich people who spent time there found it unpleasant to be around the poor people who came in to wonder at the building—so they slapped on an admission fee.

I know that these places have to find funds from somewhere for their upkeep, but it this is truly the house of God (and I believe that it is), then charging people to go inside should not be one of those ways!


Another picture from the University of Toronto


I took this shot in Chicago while exploring the university where there conference I was attending was being held.

chairs at UofT

In yesterday's comments rzz points out that the university sofa in that photo is quite different from those at the Hart House and University College at the University of Toroto. Yes this is true - look and see - I don't have a sofa photo from UofT but I have a photo of some armchairs. Perhaps there is meaning here — I think it calls for a research proposal :-)

backward glance

This is one of my favorate shots from the TRU series.


Another shot from the TRU series.


I took this shot years ago in Spain - just north of Barcelona


"Hmmmm, what cards is he holding?"

cooling off

This shot was from last weekend. Today’s temperature was 35 degrees Celsius in the shade! Time to find that waterfall again!

If you look closely, you can see people behind the falls, a really cool spot!

rock star

Taken at a the recent Burlington festival.