england calling

I need to add that the storm in yesterdays post was not was not really that dangerous. The lightning was the tricky part—but having listened to the weather forecast and watching the cloud patterns I had ensured that I was close to cover—and I should add that other sailboats stayed out on the lake throughout the storm and lightning. Unlike motorboats that are made to get out of bad weather fast, sailboats are made to weather storms.

I add the above because after reading yesterdays story my mom called me all the way from England to give me a thorough telling off! So today I post this picture showing the calm after the storm. You can see my wet t-shirt drying out over the boom, my shorts drying on the rail behind the sail bag, I remembered to being extra clothing in case I got wet so I am nice and dry in the photo, and all is well.

Thanks for worrying though mom - I would not want you to be any other way . And hey mom - I am really getting the hang of this boat - so I will sail over to see you soon!

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