oops almost forgot

I planned to leave the boat in until the new-year because there is nothing like sailing in the snow and trying to dodge ice in the lake. But then I realized something important that I almost forgot—this boat uses water ballast, which means that at the bottom of the hull there is a tank with about 1500lbs of lake water inside to give the boat stability when under sail. Unlike the lake, however, which retains some warmth and does not fully freeze until well into well into the winter, the water in this tank will start to freeze as soon as the air temperature falls below zero. That is, of course, a huge problem because as the ice in the tank starts to freeze it will expand and crack not only the tank but the hull - and then the the boat will sink!

So this means I have to pull the boat out any day now—maybe sometime next week. But maybe this weekend there will be some snow so I can get at least one sail in during a snowstorm before I pull her out. Really—unless you get at least one sail in the snow the season is not really over.

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