the last nikon sunset?

I posted a similar sunset shot a few weeks ago—possibly the last sunset I will take with my Nikon D80. One of my sons was going to buy a Nikon D80 so I sold him mine along with my Nikon 18-200VR lens and he got a great deal from me on them. The reason—so that I can go get a Nikon D300—Nikon’s newest model!

The problem is that although the D300 came out this week, I have not picked my order up yet because I am looking at the reviews. People are making a fuss about the high ISO capabilities of the D300 but I like to shoot at low ISO and at all levels I am noticing that some of the D300 results on the web look a little soft and lack the superfine detail that I like in pictures—a bit like they have used too much noise reduction. Maybe I should I go with the new Canon EOS 40D or perhaps the older Canon EOS 5D with its full size sensor and newer low price? If I did go to Canon, now would be the time because with the 18-200 Nikon lens sold, I am not holding much Nikon glass (lenses) so I am in a good position to buy Canon glass (a set of lenses usually cost more than the camera and this is why photographers do not usually change from one make of camera to another because they have so much invested in lenses).

Hmm hard decisions – but at least while I am making up my mind I can borrow my D80 back. So do you have any ideas on whether I should go with Canon or stick with Nikon?

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