An air museum shot from last summer

dundurn castle part ii

A few days ago a good friend and regular mykodachrome visitor told me at a party she held that she liked the recent Dundurn Castle picture. So here is another view from the same scene — maybe not as good as the first image — but perhaps still a nice shot. Enjoy and thanks for a great party.

christmas dinner

A regular picture just did not seem right today - so I posted the table ready for Christmas dinner. Wishing everyone a happy Christmas - or if Christmas is not significant for you - a happy day and a happy season in whichever way you celebrate it.

east before sunrise

Looking east from the CN Tower just before sunrise.

colin james

Colin James sings at a CN Tower breakfast earlier this week.

toronto island airport

Taken yesterday from the CN Tower at 07:18am - just before sunrise.

sunrise with jully black

Early this morning I had breakfast at Toronto’s CN Tower 360 Restaurant — and who do you think got up and sang just after the sun came up? None other than Jully Black! Of course I took a photo! She sang with no music just A cappella - amazing!


I took this shot sometime ago camped out in Algonquin Park.

dundurn footprints

Taken today at Dundurn Castle.

mary louise parker

I took this shot on a Hamilton movie set in 2006. An actress (I think it is Mary Louise-Parker), prepares for her next scene in "The Robber Bride."

winter driving

I took this shot today. Not the best photo - but I thought I would share it because it shows nicely what it is like driving on Ontario's winter roads.

railway tracks and snow

I took this shot today - the CN rail tracks leading to a snowy Hamilton.

lonely dock

I took this shot last week of Hamilton Harbour - you can see it was taken with the D80. Fellow photographer Steve W asked me to update my camera decision. Well…
Some good pictures are now emerging from the Nikon D300 on the Web, so it looks very viable—so maybe I will get it.

But then again for image quality the older Canon 5D with its full frame sensor really can’t be beat even though its features are now behind the times — so maybe I will get it.
But then again Canon is rumored to launch the D5 II (or D7) any day and that will be even better so maybe I should go with the cheaper Canon 40D in the interim and build my collection of Canon lenses when the D5II is out — maybe I will get it.

But on the other hand the just released Canon EOS-1D Mark III with its new full frame sensor is giving customers real problems and likely the updated D5 will share some of that technology — so maybe I should not get it.

But then again the Canon D5 is now getting so cheep and its full sensor is what all the professionals use — so maybe I should get it after all.
But then again Nikon is rumored to be launching a D5 size body camera with a full frame sensor sometime soon and perhaps I should get the D300 for now and when the new model comes out — maybe I should get that.

So about the update on what to buy — you can see that you see that this is likely going to take some time...

it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

Quite exciting today on Hamilton's Canon Street — I got my first sighting of Santa this season — and to think some people don't believe that he exists!

rock on

A shot from a while ago - my friend Jason Silver who really rocks. Hey Jason - merry Christmas!

from the shadow

Another shot from the recent series I did for a friend. As always—posted with permission—thanks again AC.

winter seat


I took this shot last Sunday in the snow--it reminds me of an old Don McLean song in which he tells of birds like leaves on Winterwood, who sing hopeful songs on dismal days, who have learned to live life as they should, they are at peace with natures ways... and so on.

If you do not know McLean check him out here

sharing ideas

Once or twice a month I do a guest presentation somewhere. Yesterday I did one at a Toronto hospital and I liked the room so much that I took a picture before it started. More impressive than the room though, were the people, they were really great. It is so nice to be able to share ideas with people who have a passion for their work - espcially when that work involves helping people.

the dock

I had to go back and take a look at the dock. There are still some boats in.

quadruple take

A friend from Church asked me to take her photo and of course I did — I always have my camera with me and people are my favorite subject. She also said I could post some of the photos on my blog - I do lots of people photography but do not post shots without permission - so thanks AC

This is four shots merged into one — expect more from this series soon.


I took this in Collingwood in the spring. Of all the seasons I love spring and summer best and I spend all winter longing for them to come.

winter has come

It snowed today so I borrowed the Nikon D80 and took some shots.

I still have not decided whether to go with a Nikon D300, Canon 40D or Canon 5D, but I went to the camera store today and got my Nikon D300 pre-order deposit back. I also tried the Canon 40D in the store and it was awsome! I will decide in the next few weeks - and in the mean time I can always borrow the D80.