winter rock

This rock of ages looks like it is not moved by the winter - or much else for that matter.

english countryside

A recent shot of some English countryside to contrast with yesterday's Canadian shot.

where to now?

Okay so now you have found the stick - where to now?

a dog called river

Chilli made a friend up at the North Pole - a dog called River. Chilli wants to spend more time with River so after the holidays Chili is going back up north to hang out with River for a while.

north pole

A shot I took today of Chilli just before heading home after having lunch with Santa up North. Oh and the new boots - a special gift from Santa especially for Chilli - nice eh!

christmas eve in ontario

Taken today – if this is Christmas or Hanukkah to you then have a happy one – if it is another holiday or festival then have a happy holiday too!


A shot of James from our recent trip to England.

sleeping general

I am sure that this person I saw sleeping on a Roman bench is the iron general from yesterdays shot.

iron faced genera

A recent shot from a military museum in Rome

winter wood II

You have seen this same scene before - I always return to this spot to photograph these trees when it snows.

first storm of winter

A shot from today - the first real storm of the winter.

roman mustache

I had a 17-55mm on my D300 when I noticed this chap's great mustache so I quickly grabbed James' D80 with the 18-200mm zoom and took the shot!

the shadow of auschwitz-birkenau

A shot of an exhibit inside Auschwitz-birkenau.


As seen at the Vatican

undercover tourist police

At tourist destinations in Egypt there are always "undercover" tourist police - but you can tell who they are because they all carry H&K MP5Ks.

the vatican

Heading toward the Vatican in Rome

university sofa

Going through some old photos I came across this sofa - I shot I like but I don't think I have posted before.

subterranean rome

Wandering in some of the tunnels that go under Rome.

pond of tears

This is where ashes from Auschwitz crematoriums were dumped.

sailor dog

I posted a similar shot in the summer - this is another from that series - Chili at the end of a day's sailing. Photography is all about light - and I like the light in this shot.

letter from home

A shot I took recently of an exhibit at Duxford Air Museum, England.

horatius and the bridge

Walking on one of Rome's bridges across the Tiber bridges I could not help but remember Horatius Cocles when I saw these chaps paddling. I even recited "Oh Tiber, father Tiber, to whom the Romans pray, A Roman's life, a Roman's arms, take thou in charge this day!"


In Ancient Rome there were female gladiators, it was not common and at one point they tried to outlaw the practice, so it was rare. I saw this “gladiator” between the Colosseum and the ruins of the old gladiatorial school. A rare sight indeed!

Female gladiators were not necessarily slaves or women who needed money; some were members of the wealthy class who took up the profession for fame and excitement. Remember the ancient gladiators were a combination of today’s rock stars and top athletes.

The other image this scene conjured up for me was Boudicca of Iceni (also knowns as Boadicea) who fought the Romans in Britain on some of the Essex fields where I played as a child. Her partner, King Prasutagus, was allowed to retain his crown under Roman rule but when he died the crown passed to Boudicca. The Romans were not to keen on women rulers so they beat Boadicea and raped her daughters. Well that annoyed just about everyone so it was not long before Boudicca and her daughters were leading a very angry rebel army of around 230,000 in a war that lasted two years and very nearly defeated Rome. Boudicca lost in the end - but back home (England) we still sing songs and tell stories about her - a true British hero!

So it is strange how this picture that took less than a 2000th part of a second to capture evoked memories that go back almost 2000 years!


Just across the street from the Trevi Fountain in Rome are some church railings where lovers attach padlocks on which they have written their names. We need something like that in Hamilton!


I am not sure what to make of this shot but I decided to post it anyway - I took it just outside the Vatican.


A few weeks ago in the UK I came across bookbinding shop in an old English village. Of course I had to go in and take a photo.


I took this shot at Duxford – a full size model of a British Paratrooper kitted out in 1980s gear (Falklands Campaign). I thought a fitting post for the end of Remembrance Day.

sunken tire

A washed up tire from the North Sea on an English beach.