big bird

I took this picture a long time ago with a Nikon FE.

So an update on what am I doing about a new camera. I have narrowed it down to the Nikon D300 or the Canon 5D.

The Nikon D300 is a fast complex weatherproofed camera with several anti-dust features (if dust gets inside a camera like this is a problem) endless electronic menus and the latest processors. Ergonomically the D300 is a pleasure to use.

The Canon 5D currently has a hefty mail-in rebate offer which makes it about the same price as a Nikon D300. The 5D has a full-frame sensor which gives superb images - click here to find out why. The 5D is a slower simpler camera than the D300 - it is not weatherproofed and is known to have a dust problem. It features are now out of date and it is due to be replaced next month by a new model (which is why there is a rebate). The new model will be awesome, but it will launch at about 2x the price of the current D5 and that is far more than I will want to pay.

So the choice is the features and ease of use from a D300, or the exceptional image quality of a 5D.

I am leaning toward the 5D because despite the technology of the D300 it is a bit disappointing. The colour balance looks to me as if it is a little off, it tends to overexpose, and with my 18-200 lens the some of the images look like plastic – a bit like watercolor paintings. This effect can be very pleasing in portraits where wrinkles seem to disappear, but this is not good if you do not want the effect. The problem seems to disappear though with the more expensive professional Nikon lenses but if I give up the Nikon 18-200 for pro-glass then the Canon L range of lenses seems to be more attractive. I am thinking of a 24-105 and the 70-200 f/4.

Decisions decisions! It did not seen this hard to decide when I went out and got that Nikon FE all those years ago!

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