This is an older shot taken with a Nikon one-handed as I was driving along a busy Toronto street! The ability to take a quick shot like this is something only the ergonomics of a Nikon can deliver. So over the past few days I have had considerable doubts about the Canon 5D. Will the 5D rob me of spontaneous shots like this? Will the 5D redefine my photography in ways that make my photos less fluid and less alive? I am not sure I could have pulled off the action shots of the police SWAT team and the military helicopter (see archives under police) with the 5D, but it was a breeze with a Nikon! So despite my assertion that I was keeping the 5D questions like these made me reconsider over the weekend. In the end, however, the 5D won based on image quality and now it is truly here to stay. So stay tuned and let’s see where this 5D takes us – I have a feeling that it is going to be good places!

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