new year's day

I took this shot a few hours ago. These woods always remind me of Narnia – a great place for a New Years morning walk.

In the real Narnia there is a clearing in a forest called "Lantern Waste" where Jadis, the Witch, threw a piece of streetlight (she brought it there from London) at Aslan in a most terrible argument. The fragment buried in the ground and because Narnia had only just been sung into existence by Aslan, the fragment grew to become a complete lamppost. Hundreds of years later when some children from our world found their way into Narina through a wardrobe the first thing they saw was this lamppost.

When I was about four years old I had never heard of Narnia and I was walking to the corner store in London with my mother. As we went I was comparing the lampposts with the trees beside the road and I suddenly stopped and looking at my mother puzzled I asked, "Hey mom, why is there no soil around the lampposts allowing them to grow?” At that precise moment my mother realized that I had either somehow snuck into Narnia and seen Lantern Waste, or that I was really quite a twit! Which hypothesis is true I will leave you to decide.

Anyway - Happy New Year!

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