just visiting this planet

I took this shot at true City over the weekend and I post it in memory of Christian singer songwriter Larry Norman who passed away Sunday.

Larry inspired several generations of Christian musicians, me included. Larry's music mixed faith with radical politics - he shared the gospel and challanged the established church. Larry was best known in the 1960s and 1970s but his message remained relevant in the following years and it is especially important today.

Larry always said that he was only visiting this planet – bye Larry I will catch up with you later!

true city

I helped deliver two sessions at True City last weekend which meant I did not get to go to other breakout sessions - I really missed that. I did, however, get to hear Bruxy from the meeting house speak - and that was special.

stairs to a vanished world

I took this shot in the stairway of the McMaster University Museum last week on my way to see the Roman Vishniac photographs that documented Jewish life in Europe immediately before the Holocaust. Seeing the images is a moving experience.

If you are in the Hamilton area and have a chance to go I recommend it. And if you can’t get to Hamilton you can access some online here.

true city music

True City is a conference - but a conference with music!


I usually work through lunch but today I wandered around campus with my camera. One of the shots I took is of this doorway - I took the exact same shot two-years ago.

viking camp

After a brief battle one of the Vikings bends down to pick up a sword that he dropped.


Another one of the recent Viking shots.


I was testing my 17-55 lens on my way home and came across this scene.

I am not sure what to about this shot – I find it a profoundly sad and a disturbing image – different from my usual shots that are so full of life. But I suppose that this too is a part of life and because my photography is about glimpses of life through the lens, I decided to post it.

The shot seemed to call for monochrome - so here it is.

viking swordsman

One of the nice things about the full frame sensor in the Canon 5D is the shallower depth of field it allows. I deliberately focused on the sword to make it the subject by blurring the background.

Now about these Vikings… It was a strange feeling meeting them because my family has Viking roots. We came from the north in longboats but people did not seem to like us too much and kept asking us to leave. By the year 911 my part of the family grew tired of sailing around trying to make friends so we settled on some nice French beach property which we named 'Normandy' after ourselves (Northmen). But by 1066 we got restless again and joined Duke William when he decided to conquer England. In England we stayed and became what Napoleon was reported to refer to as 'storekeepers' of all things, well not me of course because I came to Canada. So you can imagine my surprise when I bumped into ancestors on a Sunday afternoon stroll in the woods!

viking hord

I was walking some trails with my cousin today and who do you think we bumped into? Vikings! Good job I had my camera with me or you might never have believed me!

Oh and today the Canon 5D really proved its worth - it met and in some instances exceeded the high hopes I had of this camera’s image quality. Stay tuned for more shots from today’s shoot over the coming week.

faculty club

I took this shot a couple of days ago - just before the snow came.

snow day

Lots of snow today! So bad that many people just stayed home.