happy easter

This is the entrance to KV54 (Valley of the Kings tomb 54) where in 1909 Theodore Davis thought that he (well not Thoeo really but the people he had paid to dig) had uncovered the tomb of Tutankhamen. He had not, this was not a real tomb but a place that some of the refuge from an embalming process was buried, but it did contain information regarding Tutankhamen which later put Howard Carter on the trail of the real tomb!

You are not supposed to go inside but ummm - well you know me by now - I did! It was empty. Which brings me to the reason I decided to post this particular picture today. Soon it will be Easter Sunday and the thoughts of Christians will be on another tomb – empty because they King got up and walked out. At church on Sunday morning people will greet each other with words first said some 2000 years ago, “He has risen.” And the reply will be, “He has risen indeed.”

”Happy Easter!

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