temple of hatshepsut

This is the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahri. Of all the places I wanted to see in Egypt, this was the most important. So many times I have sat in the Royal Ontario Museum looking at these replica carvings and promising myself that I was going to go see the originals in Hatshepsut’s Temple. Unfortunately this was one of the shortest stops we did on the tour – less than 15-minites to look around inside the actual temple – not enough time to find the carvings or some of the other secrets I had read about in the place. Never mind though – it just means that I have to go back!

To understand the significance of this place one has to understand Hatshepsut. Egypt had no provision for a woman to be Pharaoh – but Hatshepsut defied the law and ruled. Also rather than advance Egypt by war, she did so by trade. For a fun way to find about more about Hatshepsut consider reading the book "Child of the Morning" by Pauline Gedge. Although fiction, the major historical facts she bases the book on are largely accurate.

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