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This shot was taken in Memphis (Egypt) with the Canon XTi.

Memphis dates back some 5000 years and is said to the first capital city in the world. I am not so sure about that though, the history of ancient China seems to have kept pace with ancient Egypt in many ways and I think they had at least "Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors" that go back to this period. So I would want to check out what was happening over in China before I agreed that Memphis was the first.
Legend has it that Memphis was founded by Menes who was the king who united Upper and Lower Egypt. I once read in a history book that this unification was considered the point at which "civilization" began. Ironic because the Narmer Palette (a stone with carving on it commemorating this event - the original in the Cairo museum and a copy in the Royal Ontario Museum) shows Menes bashing the brains out of his rival and I am at a loss as to why this event is regarded as the genesis of "civilization." For me a more likely candidate for the start of civilization was Hatshepsut deciding to advance Egypt by trade rather than war - but she was 18th Dynasty and historically rather late - so I am sure there are better examples of peace initiatives that predate this.

Anyway back to the photo - thumbs up indeed - it was so interesting going to the ancient capital and even more exciting to see the Narmer Palette for real in Cairo rather than the copy at the ROM. Thanks to this man, and others like him, for sharing this history with visitors like me.

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