ready for the sea

A Hamilton sailboat ready for the sea - well Lake Ontario at least.

old building in egypt

I am not sure what this Nubian building was, but it was worth taking a photo.

mcmaster divinity school

This is a shot of the doors to the McMaster Divinity School - I have often wondered about getting another degree - maybe here.

old montréal

I shot this last night in Old Montréal.

king's tomb

Stairs leading down to a tomb in the Valley of the Kings.


I took this shot today in the woods by the marina.

riding on the plains of giza

A shot from the plains of Giza.

warm day

I am posting this shot from Egypt because it provides a warm contrast with yesterdays sailing photo.

Things have been busy lately - some people I met in Egypt are waiting for DVDs from me - honestly I will have them in the mail soon!


A shot from last weekends sail.


Another shot from the carpet factory in Egypt.

sailing on the nile

So as you saw my (and Daniel's) boat is launched, but what I would give to have one of these on Lake Ontario! I took this shot a few weeks back sailing on the Nile.


So the boat is launched!

carpet making

A child making a carpet in Egypt.

underground carpark

I took this shot today at McMaster.

writing in the sand

When I saw this scene I was reminded of the story told in John 8:1-11. Jesus was asked by a crowd who had just caught someone doing something wrong, whether they should stone the person as the Law of Moses demanded.

Jesus did not answer but bent down and drew in the sand with his finger. The crowd pressed him for an answer and he eventually said, “He who has not broken any of those laws should cast the first stone.” One by one the people left – the oldest first.

The words in that story have great significance, but why write in the sand? I have never figured that out. I suspect it has to do with the nature of the Law and its interpretation.

Any ideas?

birthday boy

I went to my nephew's birthday today - and of course I took my camera.

fangorn forest school

I took this shot in a schoolhouse close to Fangorn Forest when I was traveling in Middle Earth with Peregrin Took. The head teacher, Treebeard, gave us a tour of the school and in this room you can see a young Ent sitting at a desk writing lines because he was naughty in class.