jason silver

Hamilton singer songwriter Jason Silver - I shot I took some time ago. To find out more about Jason's music, to download some of his tracks, or to buy his CDs check out www.jasonsilver.com

Hey Jason - checked out your new videos - keep the music coming!

true city

A singer at the True City Conference - held at Philpott Church earlier this year. I did not get to sit in on so many workshops this year as I was involved in two presentations at the conference – both related to social justice (which is the theme of the conference). One on anti-racism with an American Pastor from Chicago and the other with a local Hamilton team I have been working with on issues facing refugees.

announcing a camera change

I really like this shot – and looking at the image quality I wonder if I have done the right thing - I have sold my Canon 5D!

Two things prompted the sale!

First – a really bad experience of Canon service. I took the 5D in for the sensor to be cleaned and in the process they damaged the camera body. They repaired the damage but never really got it operating properly again. In fact I took it back seven times for repair and got some really bad attitude from a repair center counter staff person. On the seventh return I complained to Canon Canada’s CEO and the faulty 5D was replaced with a new unit. This experience left me not wanting to ever have to deal with Canon service again. To be fair though – I have heard from others that they have had better Canon service than I got so my experience may not be typical – I must have just caught them on a bad day (well on seven bad days in succession!)

Secondly – the transition from Nikon to Canon ergonomics was much harder than I expected. The 5D image quality was way ahead of my previous Nikon D80 – today’s shot for instance shows the 5D’s capabilities – but although good for still life like today's picture the Canon ergonomic meant that I was loosing a fluid, spontaneous and creative aspect of my photography and also missing shots that I would have always got with my old Nikon. In time I may have got used to the Canon and I would have stuck it out if it was not for the bad service issue, so with a brand new unused replacement 5D in hand it was a good time to sell. And so I did!

So at the moment I am cameraless – although I do have access to a couple of cameras that I will borrow while I am deciding what to buy. I am tempted to buy a Nikon D300, but rumor has it that a Nikon D700 with a full frame sensor and an image quality rivaling the 5D will be announced soon. Imagine the erganomics of Nikon and the image quality of a Canon 5D - is that possible - the best of both worlds? We will have to wait and see.


I took this shot a couple of weeks ago.

I could have done with crew today. I went for a quick single-handed sail between thunderstorms. I like sailing on my own especially in a brisk wind. I am not sure why I like it, maybe it is the solitude or the time to think. Maybe it is just beling along with nature and the elements. Whatever the reason - I like it.

Anyway back to the story! As I saw the dark clouds gather I scooted for the marina and all was going well. I had been tacking away from the marina and so to get back it was a literal “run” downwind on and I had lots of time to do that before the storm hit (I had planned it that way). The boat was actually sailing itself as I was moving around the boat battening hatches and the like.

As I neared the marina entrance I furled in the headsail and started up the motor, but as I turned the wheel to correct my course I felt something break in the steering mechanism and I had no helm! So there I was adrift and no way to steer the boat!

What to do? By using reverse I managed to get away from the marina so I was not in danger of hitting anything. I attempted quick repairs but to no avail. I might have been able to jury-rig a steering mechanism but the clouds were getting very dark and would soon be overhead! I can steer a boat with just the sails, but I was not about to hoist sails and try that with a storm beating down on me and especially on my own. Only one thing for it, the VHF!

I radioed the marina and it was not long before a zodiac was on its way with four really helpful guys to tow me in. Just as they got to me the storm hit and we all got wet, but luckily it was only rain (although lots and lots and lots of it!)

I felt a bit silly after because if I had known it was only going to be rain I would have sat it out and worked on a jury-rig. But there could have been thunderbolts in those clouds and then it would have been a different story! Better safe than sorry.

So on days like today as much as I like sailing single-handed, I did miss having crew!

country road

agatha christie

I took this shot in Egypt – not sure why – but it made me think of an Agatha Christie novel.


One guy is carrying a shotgun and the others some form of AK-47 (Kalashnikovs). They have folding metal stocks so they might be the old AK-47Ss or more likely the Egyptian made MISRs which are a copy of the modern more effective AKMs (Automatic Rifle Kalashnikov Modernized).

Anyway I did not ask for detials - and I waited until they passed to take their photo.

old money

A shot taken in Old Cairo.

goose game

Driving home today I saw a goose balancing a feather on his or her nose - so of course I stopped to take a photo. I am not sure why the goose was doing this - maybe it is a new goose game.

abandoned temple

I am not sure where I took this shot – I know it was in Egypt when I was wandering around the back parts of an abandoned temple – but exactly where I do not remember.

Oh and those folks who I met in Egypt who are expecting DVDs of my photos, they are done and are in the mail.

hot dog

It was a hot weekend in Ontario - lucky for me I was in the cool water for a while helping my cousin put his dock and boat railway in - Shortie shown in this picture helped but most of the time just looked on.

high tech low spot

I took this shot a couple of days ago where construction workers are still finishing the new football stadium. When I worked in construction we used to call these type of leveling device a "dumpy levels" and the more technical ones were called theodolites - they were complex to use and set up.

The new generation gadget in this photo is high tech and much easier to use because it is self-leveling and takes no time at all to set up. Mind you, when I went into the seating area of the stadium there had just been some rain and I noticed that some low spots on the concrete flooring where fairly deep puddles of water had accumulated. So much for new technology!

work station

So I spend today slaving away doing paperwork in my small, cramped and hot work station with no air conditioning. I kept getting disturbed by ducks, geese and swans swimming by and sometimes pestering me for food.

Honestly—life can be tough!

practice makes perfect

Jorden Rempel and Alex Guerrero of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats battle it out today during a practice at McMaster's new football stadium.

let there be light

I took this shot today at McMaster - the lights overlooking the new football stadium.

basket balls

I am using a 40D that Canon has leant me while 5D is in for repair. I took the 5D in to have the sensor cleaned and they sent it back with scuff marks on the body, so I took it back again and they fixed the scuff marks but did not screw the body back together, so I took it back yet again and they fixed that but then the external flash does not work on the unit, so I took it back again!

This time they have leant me a Canon 40D while the 5D is being [hopefully] repaired.

So far I like the 40D - it is not a professional camera like my 5D - but it is a newer model so it has some nice features.