announcing a camera change

I really like this shot – and looking at the image quality I wonder if I have done the right thing - I have sold my Canon 5D!

Two things prompted the sale!

First – a really bad experience of Canon service. I took the 5D in for the sensor to be cleaned and in the process they damaged the camera body. They repaired the damage but never really got it operating properly again. In fact I took it back seven times for repair and got some really bad attitude from a repair center counter staff person. On the seventh return I complained to Canon Canada’s CEO and the faulty 5D was replaced with a new unit. This experience left me not wanting to ever have to deal with Canon service again. To be fair though – I have heard from others that they have had better Canon service than I got so my experience may not be typical – I must have just caught them on a bad day (well on seven bad days in succession!)

Secondly – the transition from Nikon to Canon ergonomics was much harder than I expected. The 5D image quality was way ahead of my previous Nikon D80 – today’s shot for instance shows the 5D’s capabilities – but although good for still life like today's picture the Canon ergonomic meant that I was loosing a fluid, spontaneous and creative aspect of my photography and also missing shots that I would have always got with my old Nikon. In time I may have got used to the Canon and I would have stuck it out if it was not for the bad service issue, so with a brand new unused replacement 5D in hand it was a good time to sell. And so I did!

So at the moment I am cameraless – although I do have access to a couple of cameras that I will borrow while I am deciding what to buy. I am tempted to buy a Nikon D300, but rumor has it that a Nikon D700 with a full frame sensor and an image quality rivaling the 5D will be announced soon. Imagine the erganomics of Nikon and the image quality of a Canon 5D - is that possible - the best of both worlds? We will have to wait and see.

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