nikon d300

Today I picked up a Nikon D300 with an 18-200 leans (the same lens I used to use on my D80).

The 18-200 consumer lens gives a huge focal range but at the cost of image quality (IQ). Never-the-less today’s image compares reasonably well with the Canon shots of a goose and a swan from a few weeks back. Of course when I review the full size image the Canon IQ is noticeably better, but that is to be expected with the 5D’s full-frame sensor and the professional lenses I was using at the time. I did not come back to Nikon for better IQ but for the familiar ergonomics. This Canon vs. Nikon IQ difference will narrow considerably when I begin to buy and use some of Nikon’s professional lenses, but even then I will no doubt revert back to this 18-200 lens most the time just for the convenience of having so much range in one relatively light lens.

So first impressions of the D300 – it is really very nice to be back with Nikon – it feels a bit like coming home after being away.

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