chilli the swimmer dog

Chilli went sailing today - and of course he had to go swimming too.

Oh and the Nikon D300 did get wet taking some of these shots - luckily it is okay!


A shot taken today in Hamilton harbour.


A shot from some time ago - taken with my ols Nikon D80

nile traders

A photo from earlier in the year - another shot of the Nile traders.

bookmark girl

A girl selling bookmarks near the pyramids - Egypt.

fresh water lake

The view of Lake Ontario from Burlington Beach. And thanks to my cousin - another avid photographer - for suggesting the panoramic crop of this photo.

sleeping dog sleeping history

A dog sleeps in front of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara. I wonder if this dog's ansestors barked at the heels of Imhotep as he was building it.

toronto sunset

Sailing past Toronto as the sunset is reflected back by the city windows.

a thousand birds

I did not post a picture last night because I sailed from Hamilton to Toronto and it took much longer than I thought. Here is a shot from last night of birds flying past my deck as I was when having supper anchored on the Lake Ontario side of the Toronto Islands.


I took this picture today of a tiny angel in a graveyard. Of course in real life angels are far too busy to hang out in empty graveyards and most often they don’t look like this but instead they look like strangers full of Otherness so different from the sameness with which we are familiar. In fact sometimes when we welcome and extend a hand to such strangers we have entertained angels without even knowing (Hebrews 13:1-2)

book of knowledge

Ever since I can remember I have known these books. They used to live in the bottom or a linen closet with some Reader's Digest books that keept them company. As soon as I knew how to read I would hide in that closet with a small light flip through the pages and marvel at the things in the world. I decided that I would read these books from A-Z I so that I would be smart. But each time I tried I only ever got as far as A.

When I grew up and left home I took the books with me and day when I have time I will read them all — and then finally I will be smart.

give us rain, for we are the rainmakers

Another shot from yesterday’s trip to Niagara Falls just before the rain.

The man looking skyward reminded me of my commando training in the Royal Marines when it seemed to rain every day. Each time the rain came our instructors made us kneel in deep puddles of mud and look skyward and say, "Oh great Odin, give us more rain, for we are the rainmakers." And sad to say Odin obliged!

This rain ceremony was not about making more rain, but about building an ethos that included a sense of humour and cheerfulness in the face of adversity. It must have worked because sometimes to the surprise of those around me I still kneel in the rain and recite that prayer - although I resisted that temptation yesterday at Niagara Falls!