sad dog

Today was got news that Chilli's 'dad' (Daniel) is extending his trip in China for a few more months. Chilli took the news badly so I think this calls for an extra long walk tomorrow to cheer Chilli up!

maui road

This shot is from a while back and has had a little help from photoshop - a long and winding Maui road.

long and winding road

Yet another shot from my weekend drive!

I have sung the praises of the Nikon D300 for a while now and so I should because it is a great camera. But I am now beginning to discover its weak point – white balance. It really is hard even when shooting RAW to get the white balance right – but not to worry - this is as an ideal opportunity to improve my colour processing skills.

are we there yet?

I don't like to keep a photo theme going for too long – but with all the stops to take photos my weekend trip up North really did go on forever!

country mailbox

It can really take a long time to get to a destination when you stop all the time to take photos, but I could not resist stopping on this rainy road to take a shot of this country mailbox.


A shot from today on a misty road driving north - well trying to go north.

desert jar

So I was wandering in the desert and came across this jar of water - not sure who left it there.


A couple of weeks ago I was sailing past Toronto Harbourfront at about 9am and I saw these people playing charades. Judging by their expressions, I suspect they may have been playing it all night! So of course I had to take a picture.


My nephew after a swim - his mom is in yesterdays photo.


My sister-in-law standing under a waterfall.

rube part two

Although this is not a very good photo it is a good moment. After taking this photo (on the left) of Rube in April I mailed him a print of the shot. Today I was in Toronto and I went to check that he got it - and he did because here it is on the wall in St. Lawrence Market. I also spoke to Rube who told me that life is still good.

guard tower

A guard tower in Aswan.

sleeping dog

Aswan Egypt where it is so hot that all the dogs sleep all day.