dr mengele's office

I wonder if one of the ways that oppression works it that it intermingles and becomes a part of the institutions we trust and respect. Perhaps it is not simply the man or woman in the SS uniform we have to fear, but also "respectable" people and institutions who propagate ideas that the right to be and belong in society is somehow dependent on someone’s race, gender, place of birth, class, religious beliefs sexual identity or sexual preference etc. Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that we stop anyone sharing their ideas, but I am saying that we need to think critically and pay attention to the ideas that we let into our minds, and especially so when ideas come from institutions we might be inclined to trust without thinking twice. At least that is the conclusion I came to when I took this photo of a doctor’s surgery at Auschwitz, where one of the physicians on call to "help" the sick was Dr. Mengele.

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