holocaust remembrance week

I have been hesitating posting more photos of my trip to Auschwitz because I think they are simply too disturbing — they are not a nice way to begin or end one’s day! But as this is Holocaust Remembrance week in Canada I will post a few more photos and some thoughts about them. As disturbing as it is, remembering is important (and not just passively remembering but using the power of remembrance to do something today about racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and so on).

So anyway back to the photos: I entered one of the Auschwitz I Blocks at which an exhibit had been set up. I was alone inside and in the subdued lighting I thought that I could hear soft voices. I then caught sight of a person's shadow against a wall and then another, I turned but nobody was there. Unbeknown to me I was actually experiencing the exhibit. The soft voices (recordings) and silhouettes (painted on the walls) represented people no longer here. Included in the exhibit were photographs and stories of some of the people sent to to this place. For me this exhibit was a powerful way to remember some of the people killed in the holocaust and I actually found the exhibit one of the most disturbing parts of Auschwitz.

For more information about the holocaust go the Holocaust Centre of Toronto

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