winter rock

This rock of ages looks like it is not moved by the winter - or much else for that matter.

english countryside

A recent shot of some English countryside to contrast with yesterday's Canadian shot.

where to now?

Okay so now you have found the stick - where to now?

a dog called river

Chilli made a friend up at the North Pole - a dog called River. Chilli wants to spend more time with River so after the holidays Chili is going back up north to hang out with River for a while.

north pole

A shot I took today of Chilli just before heading home after having lunch with Santa up North. Oh and the new boots - a special gift from Santa especially for Chilli - nice eh!

christmas eve in ontario

Taken today – if this is Christmas or Hanukkah to you then have a happy one – if it is another holiday or festival then have a happy holiday too!


A shot of James from our recent trip to England.

sleeping general

I am sure that this person I saw sleeping on a Roman bench is the iron general from yesterdays shot.

iron faced genera

A recent shot from a military museum in Rome

winter wood II

You have seen this same scene before - I always return to this spot to photograph these trees when it snows.

first storm of winter

A shot from today - the first real storm of the winter.

roman mustache

I had a 17-55mm on my D300 when I noticed this chap's great mustache so I quickly grabbed James' D80 with the 18-200mm zoom and took the shot!

the shadow of auschwitz-birkenau

A shot of an exhibit inside Auschwitz-birkenau.


As seen at the Vatican

undercover tourist police

At tourist destinations in Egypt there are always "undercover" tourist police - but you can tell who they are because they all carry H&K MP5Ks.

the vatican

Heading toward the Vatican in Rome

university sofa

Going through some old photos I came across this sofa - I shot I like but I don't think I have posted before.