china through the ages

This life size sculpture in bronze has something to do with China through the ages. I suspect the artist was a guy!

winter colours

misty morning

A misty day driving back from the North Pole. We could have traveled under the mountains to avoid the mist - but I did not want to take the chance of running into a Balrog!

boxing day

If truth were told this is a more Christmas like image than the ones I have posted over the past few days.

christmas eve

A shot taken Christmas Eve in Ontario. Wishing you a happy holiday, happy Christmas, or a happy whatever nice thing this season represents to you.


Dundurn Castle: Can you notice anything strange about the image?

canon colours

An older shot with the Canon 5D.

don't blink

I did not realise that the angel in the picture yesterday was a “weeping angel” (an alien life form capable of time travel). How was I supposed to know—the eyes were not covered?

Anyway my brother-in-law Laurence blinked and suddenly he was transported into the future. Luckily Laurence got a message to me by posting it in my blog in the future and backdating it so we can see it (see his message in yesterday’s comments).

So today’s post is for Laurence: Hey Laurence there is a message in today’s photo from “the doctor.” So all you have to do is find a metal weeping angel and blink – then you will be in the past. Of course you will probably not wind up on today’s date but will overshoot and wind up several years earlier, but all you have to do is hang around enough years until yesterday comes around again then find yourself and shout “don’t blink” at the right moment and that should then fix things.

If that works I will see you shortly, and you will see me in a few years


Not sure what this is - it is something I saw on a train when exploring Hamilton - I suspect it is a "thingy"

happy birthday daniel

This shot was taken of Daniel when he was about Two and a Half, on Dartmoor, England. To me, he still looks the same today. It is already tomorrow (your birthday) where you are in China Daniel - happy birthday.

capitoline wolf

The Capitoline She Wolf who legend says rescued the twins Romulus and Remus who founded Rome. Hear the story here.

capitoline venus

A picture I took of Venus in the archeological museums in Piazza del Campidoglio, on top of the Capitoline Hill in Rome, Italy. The picture does not really do the sculpture justice.

hamilton sky

Hamilton sky through a windshield on a cloudy day.

wot - no christmas visit!

I was going to try and get to China to see Daniel for Christmas – but too much work and looks like I can’t make it – will miss him!

pen y fan dance

Another older shot - me on the 2907 ft. peak of Pen y Fan

closed when in transit

I like this shade of black and texture so I took the picture. It is a tap or release valve on a train carriage that carries some kind of chemical. The instruction to "keep closed while in transit" is likely because air rushing past an open valve on an empty tank would likely cause a vacuum to increase and decrease inside in relation to the speed of the train. Apart from being noisy (like a church organ) it might also expel chemical residue. Well that is my hypothesis anyway.

hmsc haida

HMSC Haida as she must have looked at sea.

old train

For the first time in a long while I got out today and took some photos - I went with my cousin John and we took some industrial scenes - this is one of my favorite shots.

apollo maybe

A shot from Rome - not sure who this is - maybe Apollo

the way we were

Three old pilots stand in front of a Spitfire next to a WWII runway and remember the way they were.


I am no warmonger – but I remember.


On the lead up to remembrance day I thought I would post this shot I took in the Imperial War Museum (Duxford) last year.

rome: subtle affection

Continuing yesterday’s theme: This was shot in the Roman Forum where several archaeologists were busy working on a dig - the archaeologists in the photo are carefully checking the plans.

rome: open affection

I took this shot in Rome, where clearly they are less worried about openly showing affection than we are in Canada.

jolly nice day

So today James and I were towing the boat through the back streets of Hamilton on the way to winter storage, and all of a sudden lots of police cars and police motorcycles came rushing from the opposite direction. So of course I grabbed my camera and fired off a few shots – and what would you know – Prince Charles!

forgotten face

I took this shot of a statue in Rome last year but I can't remember whose face this was - someone important though I am sure – someone who will be long remembered after I am long forgotten.