It was too cold today to go outdoors so I stayed inside and took a shot of my old guitar!

I took this with a Nikkor AF 85mm f/1.8 which is my favorite lens. It is a fixed focal length lens (also called a "prime" lens). Because primes are a single focal length they are less convenient than zooms, but because they have less complex glass configerations they usually give better results. This is why I like my 85mm f/1.8 so much — it gives great results!

Any photographer should have a 50mm and an 85mm prime in their kit.

still testing

The Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR is still looking good with more tests. I like how sharp this lens is and how it handles light and contrast. I don’t like the weight (1,470g or 51.9 oz) which makes it a pain to carry around and hard to steady in a shot. I also don’t like the exorbitant price. Is the utility of the lens worth what I just paid? Possibly — but more testing is needed to say for sure.

Oh and incidentally, I took a similar shot to this one some time ago with a Canon 40D shown here but the results are not comparable because there are too many differing variables in these two shots.

new lens

Testing a Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR. Nice - this lens may be a keeper!

happy Chinese new year

I took this shot a long time ago with a point-and-shoot. It seemed like a good time to post it - happy Chinese New Year!

empty truck

A WWII truck at Duxford, England. Empty now but it was once full of our grandfathers and grandmothers ready to fight.

winter rider

You have to admire this cyclist - the temperature was close to -20C (with wind chill) when I took this shot. A brave man!


All this cold in Canada - I am feeling that I need to be somewhere warm - this is a shot from last winter in Egypt.


One of my favorate Canon 5D portraits from almost a year ago.


A rope tied to the Ha'penny Pier Harwich, England.


A shot of James taken in England

fun and games

I took this shot a few weeks ago of Chili having fun up-North - I can see why he wanted to go back.

swiss guard

"Non guardare adesso, ma non vi รจ ancora un altro turista a scattare foto di noi!" translate to English


Another driving shot from a few weeks back.

winter driving hazards

A recent picture of road conditions in Ontario.

goodbye chili

For those of you who have been following the story of Daniel’s dog Chili. He enjoyed so much being up-North for the holidays and playing with the dog River that he asked to go and live up there! With Daniel extending his stay in China and Chili needing much more exercise than he was getting here—how could anyone say no? Also, because River is the dog of Daniel's sister, Chili going is really only kinship care. So it was agreed that Chili will head North - and here is a shot of him in the car about to embark on the long journey.

Bye Chili you will be missed! Come back and visit often.

vatican back door

A back door into the Vatican – although given the red carpet I assume this is not any old back door!

message from china

I did not take this photo but I had to post it. Daniel had this taken in China where he has been for the past few months to learning to speak Mandarin. He says not to expect him home anytime soon!

now friends

Strange to see these aircraft together in a hanger.

sleeping bearcat

I took this shot of this aircraft (a Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat) sleeping in the back corner of dark Duxford hanger.

guardians of the sky

I took this picture at Duxford Air Museum; it is a sculpture of a WWII fighter pilot "scramble."

After the British army was defeated at Dunkirk in France, the Nazis war machine was ready to expand across the English Channel into Britain and the defense of Britain rested with the Air Force. This sculpture commemorates pilots “scrambling” (running) to their aircraft ready to defend Britain’s skies - even now this is a vivid image of the resistance of the men and women in that day. The video below shows a Spitfire which is one the aircraft flown at the time.

guardian angel

A shot from Rome - although if you look hard enough - you will see these angels wherever you are too, they carry swords when you need protection, flowers when you need cheering up, and sometimes the unexpected when you did not know you needed anything at all!


Steps to the dock at Harwich, England.