ancient wall

A shot of a wall in Egypt next to the desert. This shot was taken with the Canon 5D.

The 5D images have a nice silky and film like quality and great colour. Each time I post one of these images I miss my old Canon 5D, but I don’t miss the poor service I got from Canon nor the Canon ergonomics. The Nikon ergonomics are better for the quick and spontaneous shooting that at times characterizes my approach and I also find the images crisper and sharper (although a little more digital in appearance than Canon). As well, Nikon is robust. This winter I dropped my D300 with my 17-55 f/2.8 lens onto a concrete path. I said to my friend who looked shocked at the time, “it’s okay it’s a Nikon.” And to my surprise it was okay.

But back to this picture — it is an ancient wall in Egypt - I hope you enjoy the scene and the silky and film like look.

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