dancing trees

So the way this is done is that in Photoshop there is a brush that smudges the picture into something that looks like the stroke of an oil paint brush. So I use various brush strokes to get the impressionist effect seen in the distance, but leave the photo in the foreground so that it is only in the distance that we go from the way the scene looked to the way it felt.

I think I need a little more practice - but I could get to enjoy this!

remembering vincent

Today after church Bryan Wylie gave a lecture called “at eternity’s gate: the spiritual journey of Vincent Van Gogh.”

Although I already knew a fair but about Van Gogh, I developed a new appreciation for his art. All along I liked the stand he took on issues that got him thrown out of the established church, but until Bryan helped me look deeper into the art I did not see that thread ongoing in his later works. Now I do, well at least I think I do, but I can’t be sure because as Bryan points out it is all open to a wide range of interpretation.

Anyway it had me wishing I could take photos like the pictures Van Gogh painted – and then I had this idea! So here is a shot I took of field in England standing on the roof of my mom’s car (sorry mom—but I did take my shoes off) and the shot has been modified in the distance with Photoshop.

I know it looks odd—but I hope you can still enjoy!

worse than a big bad wolf

A forest with terrible stories.

roman sky

Another view of the Roman sky - this one from the place I stayed in Rome.

washburn six string

I posted a similar shot a while ago - but I like it so much I am posting another.


I took this shot in China - Plum helped me test the Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VR as a portrait lens - seems to work quite well.


My sister plays the sax - quite nicely too - so of course I had to take a picture.

washed feet

To me this painting speaks volumes. It hangs in Greenstead church, which is about 1300 years old. I assume the painting is Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. If so the artist gets the race right (unlike some art in European churches) and I think he or she gets some of the expressions right too. It looks like the disciples are thinking, in almost an embarrassed way, “oh gosh He is going to wash my feet!” We know that Peter had a real problem with this and in a very Peter like way made a blustery protest—but this was to no avail because that is exactly what Jesus did—he washed their feet. Anyway, something about it just moves me and for some reason I think it is a good scene to think about today.

hymns for today

Hymns for today at Greenstead Church.

the snail

Wise emblem of our politic world,
Sage snail, within thine own self curl'd;
Instruct me softly to make haste,
Whilst these my feet go slowly fast.


I took this picture today. I used to take shots of flowers that were “perfect,” but looking at his flower I realise that my previous idea of perfection was all wrong. Perfection can never be about conformity to a pre-determined norm or ideal pattern, but instead the shapes and sometimes scars that show a tenacity to survive. I mean what could be more perfect than this flower.