favorate church

Of all the church buildings in the entire world, I have now found my favourite: Greensted Church in Essex. The photo does not do the church justice, I plan to come back here and spend much more time taking shots with the family members who introduced me to it next time I come to England, but in the mean time I thought I would post a few shots so you can enjoy it too.

The oldest part of this current building, the nave walls, date back to 1060. But this site is older than that, a church has stood here since about 654, which means a working church has stood here for over 1300-years!

spring in england

I took this shot today not far from Onger in Essex - a really nice part of England.

top of the world

This is, quite literally, the top of the world.


I am back in the UK and have not had a chance to post for a few days - here is a shot from today though...

swinging sixties

A shot of Plum and Daniel, in a scene that reminds me of the 1960s.


I did not take this photo – my dad did – it is a shot of my grandfather. It was taken sometime in the 1960s with a 35mm camera probably on Ilford film and of course in monochrome with an amber filter (hence the cloud detail).

The shot has a David Bailey look to it in terms of the way the subject looks into the camera. The rules of threes and thirds are also used. But probably it is not all these things that make the shot look good to me—it is that my dad took it—and my grandfather is in it.

the mystery of the freighter etselec yram

I am taking part in a reunion with my former Royal Marine unit at sea on a Royal Navy frigate in the north-Atlantic. I was doing an early watch this morning and when we were at coordinates 38°20′N 17°15′W / 38.333°N 17.25°W / 38.333; -17.25, some 600 miles west of Portugal, we spotted a freighter about five miles off our port bow. She refused to respond to our hails so the captain mustered a boarding party and I got to go along. Because I am now a civilian I can no longer carry an SA80 (not that those things ever work properly anyway), so I took my Canon A80 Camera to shoot with instead.

This was the scene aboard. The ship was completely abandoned! The ship is in perfect condition and the autopilot was set for the Straights of Gibraltar. The logs indicate that she has been at sea for a month. She has over six months of food and stores aboard and all the personal belongings of the crew are in place. Oddly there were untouched hot meals on the tables in the galley!

None of us have any idea what could have happened – we put a salvage crew aboard who are sailing her to Plymouth and no doubt there will be an Admiralty inquiry – so perhaps one day we will find out what happened on board the freighter Etselec Yram.

UPDATE: As most people guessed - this was an "April Fool" posting. The true story is that I took this picture of a Laker a few years ago in Hamilton Harbour.