history quiz answer

Castle staircases are spiralled the way shown in today’s photo, opposite to yesterdays, giving an advantage to a right handed person defending with a sword against an attacker coming up. When I visited Cardiff Castle I asked the tour guide to explain this "error" in yesterday’s staircase. He said that we were in a newer part of the castle and this was a modern staircase not built for defence. Today’s photo, however, is in an old and original part of Cardiff Castle, built for defence with the right kind of staircase.

history quiz

So this is a spiral staircase in Cardiff Castle. Today’s history question is: What is wrong with this staircase?

I will post the answer in one week, or will confirm as soon as someone gets the answer right.

ancient majesty

When I first saw this place in Egypt I wondered what the rural out-of-town people in those ancient days thought when they saw it for the first time. I suspect they thought exactly the same as I did, which was "wow!" If ever a place conveys a sense of majesty – this is it!

thinking of egypt

I have been having this recent urge to go back to Egypt - but I think I have to wait a while before I do - but I will go back for sure!

5 km post

Another shot taken yesterday on the drive home. You may have noticed that my current shots are with a Nikon D80 or a D60. This is because I sold my D300. Initially I was going to upgrade to a Nikon D300s but on reflection I may go for the lighter weight Nikon D90 (which apparently matches the D300s in image quality) and wait it out for a while for a heavier body until the D300s replacement or the D700 replacement comes along.

Yes I know I change camera bodies a lot – but the real investment is in the glass (lenses) and bodies come and go over time.

hamilton tree episode six

It was time to visit this tree again: click the "hamilton tree" lable below to see all episodes.

now and then

Further to the theme of the past couple of days, the top shot was sent to me by Jamie. The shot below was taken when I visited Jamie early last summer. I suspect it may even be the same stretch of road – so I call the two shots together “now and then.” Jamie is a brilliant photographer – even though he uses Canon gear not Nikon :-)


Someone wishing for a dog, or even a cat (shot taken in Hong Kong - where children's wishes are just the same as most other places)

early morning in HK

A very early morning shot in a Hong Kong Market

fire down below

A fire hose on a tug in Hamilton Harbour.