math café

This is the McMaster "Math Café" (in the math school) which is relatively quiet at the moment because it is reading week, so a good time to take photos.

So Michael asked me what I think of the D90 so far.

I like the weight which to me makes it more comfortable taking pictures. I like the colour, which although is supposed to be the same as the D300, I am finding a subtle but pleasing difference with a more natural look to the D90 shots. I like the built in curves which I think are a little less harsh and preserve highlights a bit better.

What I don’t like is the focusing, the last body went back after a few days with a serious back focus issue and the verdict is still out on this one. You will not notice it in these shots – but I notice it in the tests I do – and more importantly it will show up with shallow depth of field shots where focus has to be exact. I don’t like having less manual controls but there is a manual control for all the functions I use most. The other worry with this unit is sometimes fails to recognize one of my SD cards, so far the same card each time, but none the less concerning.

The verdict - I am still not sure – but I am sure that what the decision will hinge on is focus. By next week if I am not convinced that I am getting results as sharp as the D300 I will take it back and swap it for a D300s (the updated version of my previous D300), which was the original plan anyway when I sold the D300. Shame though – because I like the lighter smaller body of the D90 so I am hoping it works out.

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