nikon d300s

If you come to my blog regularly you know what this shot means already—a new camera—this time a Nikon D300s.

Given my experience with returning two defective D90 bodies I was a bit anxious getting the D300s because what if there was something wrong with this too!

I unboxed it outside the store and my heart sunk initially because when I booted the camera up it did not give me the new camera screen that it is supposed to. Also, someone had already entered the date and time information. I initially suspected the unit was not brand new. Things got better from there on though as I systematically began testing:

I tested total camera shutter releases using Opanda IExif software which confirmed that despite my suspicions, the camera was indeed new and never used before.

I tested focus points, especially those on the edges of the view finder, and confirmed that there appears to be no back or forward focusing problems.

I tested for sensor dust and found about 4 dust spots that show up when the sky is shot at f/22 and contrast is boosted in post shot processing. While not perfect, this dust is nothing to worry about because it will not show up in regular shooting.

This means that my original plan to upgrade my old D300 to a D300s (which has video and a few other features I wanted) seems to have worked. I wish the revised plan to go with a D90 rather than D300s had worked, because I wanted a lighter body not to mention the savings, but the focusing issues derailed that plan.

I will be doing more tests over the next few days, but if the D300s continues to pass them, I am set for a while.

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