crimes of the past

In yesterday’s post I mentioned going to church – but I am not oblivious to history (those of you who follow my blog know that by now) – so I do not try to cover up for or make excuses for history. We have to face that fact that many very bad things were done by the church in the name of Christianity. Anyway that leads me into this picture – a shot of a sculpture outside a church in Cuba. I suppose this was made to honour this particular priest who set up a mission for native people. The sculpture, however, subtly tells another story to the person with a careful eye – a history that is quite appalling. Can you see it too?

around the bay

Sunday was the "around the bay" marathon here in Hamilton - so of course I took my camera and got a few shots on the way back home from church.

nikon is better

Following yesterdays post – in Cuba Nikon has to be better – because it is what Che Guevara used. I took this shot of Che’s Nikon at his former revolutionary headquarters.

This is a Nikon S2 with a 50mm f/1.1 lens, one of the best cameras of its day, which retailed at about US$500.00 in 1957. In today’s terms this is about US$3800.00, which is quite a bit more than my Nikon.

But Che was not just a Nikon guy. I have also seen pictures of Che also using a Leica camera - Leicas are known for being several times the price most other cameras – so clearly Che was an all round expensive camera guy.

Anyway next time one of my comrades looks at my Nikon and accuses me of having a Bourgeoisie taste in cameras, I will remind them of Che and will reply; "at the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love for good cameras."

Viva la revolución de bebé

cannon is better

This is a picture from another photo shoot I came across in Havana. After I took this shot the photographer came over, looked at my Nikon and said, "Canon is better!" The picture I will post tomorrow, however, will prove him wrong :-)

GPS: N23.136513, W82.349568

standing on the corner

I took this shot of a girl hanging out on a corner in Cathedral Square Havana. The girl is actually a model – to her left she is at a photographer who is taking photos of her in a fashion shoot. I did not see why I should not take a few photos too - after all it was quite a nice scene and setting.

gilberto sings

This Gilberto, leader of the “Los Mambises,” a group who sing in Antonio’s Havana Square.

This is not the same group I have been showing in the recent videos – but a different group who sit in the square each day from early morning until about 5pm and only play when the other group is either not there or taking a break. I spent some time hanging out with these guys and also taking their photos. I will be mailing Gilberto this shot along with several others I took of him and the Los Mambises.”

What nice guys – sing on Los Mambises – sing on.

GPS: N23.140747, W82.351567

faces of havana part two

I met this lady taking a break on a Havana street - I liked her smile - I think she liked mine too. Oh and a new gadget I got for the D300s is a GPS unit that embeds the coordinates of the photo into the photo EXIF data. Eventually I will figure out how to display this automatically on the blog, but in the mean time I will enter coordinates for photo manually where it says "GPS" below.

faces of havana part one

Whenever I visit a place I am interested mostly in the people. For this reason I will start a brief series I am calling "the faces of Havana."

I met this chap waling down a Havana backstreet - he smiled and we exchanged greetings - he then gave me permission to take his photo.


sad news

Nicole passed away early this morning. Nicole was deaf. this was caused by a reaction to treatment for leukemia when she was six-years-old. Now 13-years-old the leukemia came out of remission and in the past few days the seriousness of her condition became evident. There was some hope of further treatment and Daniel quickly started a video campaign to raise funds on behalf of the family for this, but it was too late, this morning leukemia finally overtook her. This photo is how I remember Nicole – one of the happiest kids I have met - with the best ever sense of humour and always a smile. My thoughts and prayers are with her parents, and also with Daniel, James and Plum who regarded Nicole as a baby sister.

winter wheelbarrow

Taken early morning on the Leslie Spit, Toronto. Notice that the image is somewhat blue - I could have corrected this - but I did not because this is the way the crisp frosty morning looked and felt.

empty backroad

A backroad on Leslie Spit, Toronto.

winter ice

Iced-up rocks overlooking Lake Ontario from the Leslie Spit.

ice patrol

The police patrolling thin ice in Hamilton Harbour.

cuban sounds (video)

thirty years later

This is a shot is J, my sister in law, posing with a photo in the foreground that I took of her some 30-years ago. Some things change and others stay the same – both pictures were taken with a Nikon – in both pictures J has the same nice smile.

(Posted with J's permission of course)